Why Wednesday

Thanks to Taylor for helping me find a cohesive way to write about a million things that otherwise would still be bouncing around my head...no thanks to Blogger for malfunctioning all day Wednesday...

Why isn't Sex and The City on its own channel 24/7?  It is a divine miracle that it is on for exactly the two hours when Larkyn naps, but I'm always sad when my time is up with those crazy broads.

Oh Samantha, who will you throw a drink at next?

Why is eating healthy 456 times harder than eating crappy? In the last 24 hours, I have dabbled in roasted chickpeas (barf), freezer low fat breakfast burritos (Delish, Jill!), assembly line yogurt parfaits (a favorite of mine, but now subbed with low fat granola and non-fat Greek yogurt). Oh and I just pulled oatmeal banana blueberry muffins out of the oven.  The extra time to assemble special ingredients isn't too bad right now because I am out of school (thank God!) and I know they are heart healthy for the husband. These are all a result of Matt's doctor alerting him to his cholesterol level, and if any of them turn out great, I'll post them.

I know, honey, you're pumped about eating from this board rather than the pepperoni stuffed bread and Reese's stuffed brownies. I know.

  Anything from "Would you like yogurt?" to "Do you want to go see your friends and play?" Basically anything that is not "Do you want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba?"
Hello friends! Would you like me to entertain your child for 22 glorious minutes?

Why is it so easy to crack a smile five seconds after the above, when she says something like "Tinky feet!" or shows me some new trick that amazes/appalls me.

Why was I missing out on dramatic mascara all this time? Maybe I just needed Eva to talk me into it.
Well, besides now needing to actually COMB my lashes, it's great.

Why don't blueberries taste like chocolate chips?
That includes you, 2 dozen funfetti cupcakes I made for Matt after he returned from the doctor and didn't need to fast anymore.

That's enough wondering for now. Time to go find a low-fat recipe that includes chocolate, before I get in the car and Cruella DeVille-it to DQ for a Blizzard.
That's for you, Kate.

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