Potty Chronicles, part I

Well, this was the weekend. Larkyn has been "showing signs" of being ready for a while now, and I regret not potty training before school started. I knew I needed a full weekend to devote to staying in the house and not having plans. That meant this weekend. As in, it's still not over yet because it is only halfway through Sunday as I am writing this. 

I chose the "weekend" or 3-day method because it works with our schedule, basically everything I read encouraged this method over dragging it out, and I like an efficient process!  I'm hoping that by tomorrow night, this will have been a success and I can help other readers out in some way.

Signs that I knew she was "ready" (at age 28 months):
-A few months ago, she began hiding in the same spot when going #2.
-She enjoys sitting on her potty and loves everything about our regular toilet.
-More recently, she's said things like "Change diaper" or "Larkyn poopy" when she has gone.

Supplies I used:
-Nana got her the Baby Bjorn potty seat for her birthday in April, so it has been out and available for a few months.
-Pampers Easy Ups (Dora, of course) to practice the pulling up/down motion
-Gerber training underpants
-LOTS of small rewards: Goldfish, sprinkles, fruit snacks, a recorded show you can play when they sit for you
-LOTS of liquids for ample opportunities to pee in the potty.

Things I wish I'd done before starting:
-I cleared my schedule to not go out. Looking back, it would have been nice to have company, though. Kate did bring me Chipotle on Saturday night, which earned 1000 points in my book.
-Go grocery shopping on Friday! You are not leaving the house and when you run out of milk or anything YOU want to eat, you will become an alternate heinous version of yourself (my current state)
-Make sure your husband is on board to give you breaks or bring you comfort food when you want to scream (Oh yeah, if you are pregnant, you won't have the luxury of wine at the end of the night!)

Day 1 (Saturday)
7:15- Wake up, take diaper off and say "we don't need the diaper today, we are using the potty"
*Set phone timer for every 20 minutes, setting her on the potty and heavily rewarding for sitting*
8:30-  She surprises both of us while she is sitting there and pees in the potty!
9:30-  She is playing across the room when she fusses and runs over to the potty to pee. Hurray!
10:15- Is playing by me, fusses and I prompt the potty. Hat trick!
10:50- Reality sets in as she poops on the floor in the hallway, dogs come running, chaos ensues
12-2:30- Nap with a diaper (wet when she wakes up)
4:20- Pees in potty
*That evening, starts holding her booty and saying "diaper please". I think she wanted to #2 again. I wasn't falling for it though, because common sense and all articles say that putting the diaper back on when awake undoes everything you've worked on.*
7:00- First pee on the floor as she rushes to get to the potty in time
7:30- Bed with diaper
Pretty good start, right!?

Day 2 (Sunday)
7:15- wake up
12:00- NOTHING. She won't sit on the potty on her own, hasn't peed anywhere, and has no interest in this little shenanigan. I guess the positive way to see it is that she is practicing holding it??
12-2:30- Nap with diaper (I leave the house before I need a padded cell from cabin fever)
4:00- Out of sheer boredom, I put on the training pants with the instructions "do not pee pee on these"
4:11- She pees in them
*For the next 3.5 hours, I tried new treats (M&Ms) and showing her the Swedish fish I got for her only if she peed in the potty*
7:50- I kept her up past her bedtime because I was DEAD SET that she would pee in that damn potty. And she did! She danced around it, fussing and holding herself first, but with my prompting, she made it. And the Swedish fish were there to celebrate. She actually screamed with delight when she tasted one.

Tomorrow is Daddy Day. Matt is generally 10x more relaxed than I am in parenting, so we will see how this goes. Could go better than it did with me, could be a disaster. She tends to do most things easier for him, so I am hoping I will come home and she is 100% potty trained ;)

28 months...right?

I am losing count. But I do love updating what Larkyn is up to, if for nothing else than to remember it for myself. This month has held so many funny developments and a few big changes:  Going back to the school routine and becoming a toddler with a prego mom!

She makes us laugh by:  Bursting into the occupied bathroom either playing her guitar or shouting "PEEK A BOO!", reenacting full monologues of drama that may or may not have happened at the sitter's.
This is also hilarious. This is her saying "stick". If you know Daffy Duck, you can imagine how she speaks:)

She absolutely loves:  Anything with pirates (which is funny because a month ago when she met "real" pirates, she was traumatized),  Minnie Mouse, music class, and robots

She impresses us by:  All of a sudden understanding environmental print this week- specifically pointing out my bank, Starbucks, and my gas station. She is also getting her own snacks from the fridge, which is helpful when they are appropriate snacks (and not a half bar of cream cheese straight to the mouth).

She tests us by:  Making us want to give the binky back. Man, it is hard to wean off of that drug of choice!  But we are sticking to our guns and only letting her have it in her crib.

We are attempting potty training this weekend...that should make for an interesting post next week!


If you follow me on Instagram (stacieoz31), you already know what I'm about to tell you.

This is when Larkyn will become a big sister!  I have been so disconnected with the blog lately because (well, I feel like crap for about half the day) and I couldn't write much without letting our little secret out.

Long story short...

Ovulation predictor kits suck--->"You're not ovulating. You may need Clomid."-->
Well that escalated quickly.

We were all a little shocked because we were just been accepting the fact that it might take "intervention", when all the while, there was a little Sassafras (thanks Aunt Kate for the nickname) in there saying "Uh, please do not start Clomid while I'm in here".

So, I will be 10 weeks this week. This is sharing the news way earlier than I did with Larkyn, but that is just how it worked out. And I will just trust that everything will be fine and try not to live in that crazy pregnancy fear that is felt so easily.

The other reason I told so early?

Someone will have a little cousin due 10 days before!! There was no way I couldn't not celebrate while on vacation with Kristy. And by celebrating, I mean public (well we thought no one saw, but they def did) belly bumps for the babies to "say goodbye" and discussing baby names for a week straight. Oh yes, and making permanent indentations on the beach house couches because we rarely left them.

Until I hear the heartbeat in a few more weeks, I won't be totally relaxed, but we are very happy and anticipating our little one in 7ish months!

5 on Friday

This has been a weird, disjointed week. We got back from vacation on Sunday, then I had a 2 day district training mid-week, and am just trying to soak up the last days of my summer (which will end next Thursday!)

The Bachelorette Finale! This is the FIRST season I have ever been surprised and stupid Reality Steve hasn't ruined it for me. Not only that, Chris was the one I was pulling for, and going into the finale, I thought she was either picking no one or "tortured" Brooks would show up again.
(people.com) Is he saying "I always wanted to be your backup plan"?

Girls Night with Jill. I think you know by now that my life is strung together by memorable meals. Going out to eat is pretty much my favorite activity, and when combined with downtown, a beautiful sunset, and a good friend, it is a perfect night. Not to mention the FOOD.

THESE Cookies.  Oh my.  I saw them on Instagram and within 2 hours, the ingredients were purchased and they were in the oven. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe them. The only thing I would add is that I used a muffin pan and they worked just fine. Be proud of me that I didn't buy a "deep dish cookie pan" for one recipe.

Putting a wedding on the calendar!  My group of friends are all nearing the 10 year anniversary mark (child brides), so I did the wedding circuit years ago. I am so excited for Brooke & Jeff's Conservatory wedding in a few short months. And to see Matt in a tux:)

Getting my class list today. Once I see their little names on my roster and can make up frog and fish nametags like I have for 9 years, I get a little more into Back to School season. 48 teeny, shy, excited babies are leaving their parents for their first day of school, and it really is humbling that I get to set their course for loving school!
Hand + sanitizer = gets them every time. This is an actual word in my everyday life.

Vacation hangover

Because I have been sitting and trying to come up with a title for way too long. That'll do it. We got home last night, and I know it is going to take a few days to adjust.

Since our BHI vacation has been a part of my life before I was born, and this is already Larkyn's third visit, this trip was less about "trying" this and "first time" that, and more of just enjoying an everyday existence at the beach.

It was about being able to call her family members by name this year, running around with her cousins, and the older of us remarking that the torch is beginning to be passed on to these girls. Soon, they will be driving the golf carts around and setting up camp at the beach for the day.

Two new things this year? New baby cousin Finn and actually being at BHI for Pirate Weekend!  I'll let the pictures do the talking...
Waiting in Southport for the ferry with Nana

Southport City Park with PawPaw

Looking for minnows!

Good morning, beach!

Somebody loves the "sandbox"

Rainclouds make for perfect light!

Running with Kristy

About 30 seconds before the sky opened up and we were drenched

It took two years to get her this far into the pool. Although she did jump in once and never again!

Sweet Finn's baptism weekend

Her preferred water activity: on the deck with buckets where she is totally in control of the water!

Walking around after an amazing dinner at the marina, where the pirates arrived!

One of the many pirates who got off the ship (cannons and all). Larkyn was traumatized, but talked about them for the rest of the trip. On Instagram, you'll even hear her say "Argh!" between shrieks and tears.

In the chapel with the whole family and the self-timer. This was as good as it got!

Outside the chapel with Old Baldy

Back in the sandbox one more time with my girl
The weather had never been better, allowing us non-sunbugs to get out there and enjoy ourselves without the blazing sun. As always, nothing comes close to the time I spend with Kristy, and I loved seeing Larkyn hang out with her too. We celebrated my dad's 88th birthday and another family vacation in the books.
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