28 months...right?

I am losing count. But I do love updating what Larkyn is up to, if for nothing else than to remember it for myself. This month has held so many funny developments and a few big changes:  Going back to the school routine and becoming a toddler with a prego mom!

She makes us laugh by:  Bursting into the occupied bathroom either playing her guitar or shouting "PEEK A BOO!", reenacting full monologues of drama that may or may not have happened at the sitter's.
This is also hilarious. This is her saying "stick". If you know Daffy Duck, you can imagine how she speaks:)

She absolutely loves:  Anything with pirates (which is funny because a month ago when she met "real" pirates, she was traumatized),  Minnie Mouse, music class, and robots

She impresses us by:  All of a sudden understanding environmental print this week- specifically pointing out my bank, Starbucks, and my gas station. She is also getting her own snacks from the fridge, which is helpful when they are appropriate snacks (and not a half bar of cream cheese straight to the mouth).

She tests us by:  Making us want to give the binky back. Man, it is hard to wean off of that drug of choice!  But we are sticking to our guns and only letting her have it in her crib.

We are attempting potty training this weekend...that should make for an interesting post next week!

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