5 on Friday

This has been a weird, disjointed week. We got back from vacation on Sunday, then I had a 2 day district training mid-week, and am just trying to soak up the last days of my summer (which will end next Thursday!)

The Bachelorette Finale! This is the FIRST season I have ever been surprised and stupid Reality Steve hasn't ruined it for me. Not only that, Chris was the one I was pulling for, and going into the finale, I thought she was either picking no one or "tortured" Brooks would show up again.
(people.com) Is he saying "I always wanted to be your backup plan"?

Girls Night with Jill. I think you know by now that my life is strung together by memorable meals. Going out to eat is pretty much my favorite activity, and when combined with downtown, a beautiful sunset, and a good friend, it is a perfect night. Not to mention the FOOD.

THESE Cookies.  Oh my.  I saw them on Instagram and within 2 hours, the ingredients were purchased and they were in the oven. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe them. The only thing I would add is that I used a muffin pan and they worked just fine. Be proud of me that I didn't buy a "deep dish cookie pan" for one recipe.

Putting a wedding on the calendar!  My group of friends are all nearing the 10 year anniversary mark (child brides), so I did the wedding circuit years ago. I am so excited for Brooke & Jeff's Conservatory wedding in a few short months. And to see Matt in a tux:)

Getting my class list today. Once I see their little names on my roster and can make up frog and fish nametags like I have for 9 years, I get a little more into Back to School season. 48 teeny, shy, excited babies are leaving their parents for their first day of school, and it really is humbling that I get to set their course for loving school!
Hand + sanitizer = gets them every time. This is an actual word in my everyday life.


hello erin said...

Mail me those cookies immediately. Pretty please?! Is it weird that I just got excited about your little fishies & froggies and their first day of school?! SO CUTE!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I'm still waiting for back to school excitement to hit but so far, it's nowhere to be found!

Audra said...

I can't believe RS was wrong!!!! I am contemplating skipping over the spoilers next season, because the shock of what happened was actually quite nice. Brooks was greasy. Chris was my favorite. Don't see it lasting, but they never do really so no surprise there.

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