Vacation hangover

Because I have been sitting and trying to come up with a title for way too long. That'll do it. We got home last night, and I know it is going to take a few days to adjust.

Since our BHI vacation has been a part of my life before I was born, and this is already Larkyn's third visit, this trip was less about "trying" this and "first time" that, and more of just enjoying an everyday existence at the beach.

It was about being able to call her family members by name this year, running around with her cousins, and the older of us remarking that the torch is beginning to be passed on to these girls. Soon, they will be driving the golf carts around and setting up camp at the beach for the day.

Two new things this year? New baby cousin Finn and actually being at BHI for Pirate Weekend!  I'll let the pictures do the talking...
Waiting in Southport for the ferry with Nana

Southport City Park with PawPaw

Looking for minnows!

Good morning, beach!

Somebody loves the "sandbox"

Rainclouds make for perfect light!

Running with Kristy

About 30 seconds before the sky opened up and we were drenched

It took two years to get her this far into the pool. Although she did jump in once and never again!

Sweet Finn's baptism weekend

Her preferred water activity: on the deck with buckets where she is totally in control of the water!

Walking around after an amazing dinner at the marina, where the pirates arrived!

One of the many pirates who got off the ship (cannons and all). Larkyn was traumatized, but talked about them for the rest of the trip. On Instagram, you'll even hear her say "Argh!" between shrieks and tears.

In the chapel with the whole family and the self-timer. This was as good as it got!

Outside the chapel with Old Baldy

Back in the sandbox one more time with my girl
The weather had never been better, allowing us non-sunbugs to get out there and enjoy ourselves without the blazing sun. As always, nothing comes close to the time I spend with Kristy, and I loved seeing Larkyn hang out with her too. We celebrated my dad's 88th birthday and another family vacation in the books.


Bonnie Young said...

Awwww! Such sweet pictures!

Keith and Julie said...

Look forward to the BHI blogpost every year! Love the photo of Larkyn with Bob... those two are so in love. Maxi dress for the baptism is great. And does Larkyn have on hot pink shorts?!? Yes!!!

Schneider 4.0 said...

Great pics!

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