Fall on the Farm

We are only a week into Fall and have already gotten our pumpkins and our costume. This morning, we again headed up to Hidden Creek Farm to the Fall Festival. In Central Ohio, there are about 30 farms to choose from this time of year; most involving ziplines, bouncy houses, and way too many people for us. We love this place because it is a small family-run operation that includes things you actually find on farms...

Goats! Matt of course wants to get a goat now. "For Sebastian", ya know.

"Don't stick your finger in there, it'll bite--uh oh, see?" Luckily, no tears. Damn turkey.


"So fun sandbox"

She's looking like such a little kid now. Where did my baby go?

We skipped the 40 minute tractor ride to the pumpkin field again, thinking it would save us time. It did not. Someone wanted ALL the pumpkins...

She filled the wagon with these little guys, which are now on the mantle. Good idea, babe!

Furiously searching for the perfect gourds
"Kiss daddy!" makes her stay still:)
I hope we continue going up to HC for a long time!  And next year, we will have another little pumpkin to share it with...

Updates on everyone!

My G.I. Jane after finger painting. She doesn't care what the paper looks like- it's all about the body paint.
I thought Larkyn was 30 months old this month until I called the pediatrician to make the 2.5 year visit and they said it wasn't until October. Oops.

New loves:  "Happy birthday cakes", which includes cupcakes or any cake in person, on TV or in print. She's all about the paint, too (as you can see). Also, the books Brown Bear Brown Bear and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We are in the market for a new copy of each because apparently when she loves a book to a certain degree, she tears pages out.

New challenges:  When we get in the car, she crawls warp-speed to the front and into my seat, pretending to drive. It is a fun little game when your hands are full of diaper bags and groceries.

New skills:  We have gone a week without any potty accidents, and this morning, she actually told me she had to go potty!  This is huge in our house. Also, she sings "Twinkle Twinkle" the whole way through, which is the cutest thing I've ever heard in my life.

And now for an Update on Baby 2...

I wore all of my cute maternity clothes in one week, and had every opportunity to take a cute, prepared belly pic. Didn't happen. I'm the worst. I just forget! So, here you go. Sans makeup or cute maternity clothes. Guess I should be honest with the baby from the get-go.
  • 14.5 weeks in
  • I am positive I can feel movement, even though it is early. Feels like little fingers tapping.
  • This baby likes food, a lot. I am hungry all day every day. For big salty meals like chicken fried rice and for sweet desserts. And iced tea every chance I get. 
  • A friend, who clearly thinks I am more stable than I really am, gave me her "pocket fetal doppler". Sometimes I hear the heartbeat, sometimes I don't. Which is not awesome and leads to googling.
  • I read that the baby can do things like make a fist and urinate. And that makes sense, because I am up at least two times every night!
  • We are still tossing around the idea of finding out the gender before our appointment on 11/7. Since Matt took off two days for our anniversary trip and another for a wedding all in November, he probably won't be able to go. So, we can make an appointment on our own time in October at an outside ultrasound lab for families. Not sure yet.
That's all for us around here. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Listmaking in the Fall

It's HERE! After a week of absurd temperatures in the 90s, it is Fall. And it better be here to stay. Because we have a lot to do...
Some of the things we have done before, like Hidden Creek. But everything else will be new for Larkyn and I can't wait! She is such a runner that I think she will love a corn maze. I'll take any hints on one that doesn't have a line of 1,000 people waiting. I take my kindergartners to Stratford Farm every Fall, and I have always wanted to do the Harvest Fest. They are a non-profit, working ecological center that provides education to the community.

Also, you see that we will find out the gender of Baby 2 in the near future (11/7). Around that time, Matt and I are taking off and Larkyn gets a weekend with Nana while we celebrate our first anniversary back at Wild Dove cabin. I am so excited for our first adult trip in over a year!

And I'm the worst--I really don't like carving pumpkins at all. I love how they look, just really am not a fan of the process. So, we will consult with Pinterest on painting cute pumpkins this year. The UA Fall Fest is within walking distance, so that one will definitely happen. All we need is for the weather to cooperate this year (last year's fall was the rainiest ever!)  And speaking of Boo at the zoo...

First train ride at the zoo. She was so excited, then they blew the whistle and she looked at me like the world was ending. In went the binky.

New BFFs, goats. Also, favorite hand-me-down shoes she wants to wear 24/7.

"Sooo soo sweet, momay", she was saying.

After this, she brushed her hair with it.

We had never tried the petting zoo or train ride, so it was a fun day. We went for "Touch a Truck", which she hated every minute of, so it was a good thing there were animals at the zoo to replace the "fun" (traumatic) trucks. Pony rides next time!

What will you do this fall? What am I missing?

Not just for pumpkins...

I do love my share of pumpkin this time of year, but there is way too much other good stuff out there to spend too much time on the big orange gourd. Some of my favorites...

1. Sweaters. Specifically this one that I just got today. I hate it over that striped dress, but it looks so cute and cozy over a bright colored tee. And, it's not maternity, which is a bonus.

2. Fall drinks, like a Starbucks Toffee Nut latte (not on the menu until Winter, just ask for a latte made with toffee syrup). Pretty perfect way to start the morning!

3. New candles! I chose Pineapple Mango as a Summer/Fall transition in the living room, Sweater Weather for the bedroom, and Cider Donut for eating with a spoon. Kidding--it will come out when one of the other two burn out. Catch the Bath and Body Works 2/$22 sale and you will be in business.

4. Speaking of Cider Donut, Tim Horton's Boston Cream has been replaced in my heart by Apple cider doughnuts. I order two at a time. You know, one for the baby.

5. Layering is how I create my favorite outfits. Adding cardigans, belts, scarves, and statement necklaces will finally be tolerable in this weather again, and I can't wait! I ordered this scarf from Destination Maternity to bring up my total and receive free shipping (because that makes sense) and am smitten with it. It is the perfect sheer Fall weight and I can't wait to pair it with my jewel toned maternity tees and a black cardigan.

A little taste of Fall

It's not September 21st yet, she wore a sleeveless dress, and we had the AC on full throttle. But, that doesn't stop those of us who love the change of the seasons to start things a little early!  Even neighbor baby Declan got in on the action in his carrier.

Apparently that was ALL of Columbus, Ohio this morning...all headed to Lynd Fruit Farm. There is only one U-pick orchard around here, and we all know when it is Honeycrisp season. Have you had a Honeycrisp yet?  If you haven't, it is life-changing. No other apple is as good, unfortunately. Anyway, Lynd's has "3 days" of Honeycrisp picking, but by opening this morning (day 2), they were all picked. Lesson learned. Don't come on Honeycrisp weekend (just buy them at the store) and come another weekend when they have other apples that are useful to you.

Gala, McIntosh, and Golden Supreme were available today. We went McIntosh crazy, because they are small, crunchy, and good for pretty much every use. I like to use the smallest apples for caramel apples and plan to use the rest for crockpot applesauce and Apple Snickers salad (Cool whip, apples, chopped snickers--amazing!) Oh and the Apple Dip is already made and half eaten.

Baby Deux

From Pinterest
Yeah. I promise I'll devote more air time to the 11-12 week old baby on the inside. This whole potty/back to school situation has had me sidetracked!

With Larkyn, I wrote about my pregnancy a LOT. I don't really plan to do as much this time around because I've already done it and this pregnancy is very similar to hers. Differences?

  • I started showing about the minute I took the positive test. Which is kinda fun/kinda not because I am not sharing this news with my students and parents YET. Not until I have my next doctor appointment on 9/12. Yeahhhhh, awkward. 
  • I have to worry about a flailing, jumping, cuddling 2 year old's elbows and knees!
  • I'm actually watching the "dangerous" foods more this time around. I don't know why. I'm wary of homemade treats, freaked about lunch meat, and not even touching seafood. 
I keep having dreams about this baby. Once that it was a boy, once that it was a girl, and once that it was a squid. I'd prefer one of the first two. 
Not an actual text from my phone. Source. But hilarious.

We have a short list of names that we both like. I'm not 100% sure on either, so if something else comes along, we may change our minds. We will find out and share the gender, but the name will stay a surprise again. You know, to eliminate those awesome conversations where people tell you what they think of the names and you don't want to hear it. Or receiving personalized items and then having to stick with the name! #firstworldproblems

The only thing that has me worried is the prospect of having to move after the baby is here. I HATE the thought of moving. I love our street, I love our proximity to anything and everything, and I would love to stay here forever. But...do we really want them to share a room?  I know people do it, but would you, honestly?  When I search for houses in our area and price range, there is nothing. Moving up in space will most likely mean leaving our community. Which is not what I want. So let's just table that thought for now, shall we?

I can't wait until my next appointment. I am ready to embrace this baby a little more wholeheartedly, without worrying as much. It should be when I hear the heartbeat of this little friend, and I am soooo looking forward to that sound.

Potty Chronicles: Part 2

So this is part 2. Not to be confused with #2. Ha.

It has been a week since we first detailed the beginnings of potty training a 28 month old. In a nutshell, here is where we stand:

  • We are on day 3 of no accidents
  • We are still wearing a diaper at nap/bedtime and that is OK with me for now, until we run out of diapers and I will reevaluate.
  • Because I work, 4 different people are in on this potty training. I was nervous about this, but it has been just fine. 
  • I've stopped making her sit on the potty. She sits on it when she needs to, otherwise it ends up in a useless battle of will.
  • We have left the house twice wearing undies and both times were OK. I was completely unprepared otherwise. How does one prepare for a urine-soaked grocery cart?
  • Still no luck with #2 on the potty. She runs around grabbing her rear for a few hours and then eventually just goes in her diaper overnight. Leading to VERY early mornings.
I am happy with where we are, I guess?  I'm not sure I believe that anyone is able to 100% potty train in a weekend, but people don't believe me that Larkyn has slept 12 hours since she was 6 weeks old. So, some people must hit the potty training jackpot!

What this week has taught me:

  • Don't use the training pants I mentioned last time. It is just like a diaper, so they will use it as such.
  • This was one of the hardest parenting weeks I have ever had and in the last hour, I realized why. As she was laying down in a parking space after a "special doughnut breakfast" shrieking the ABC song because she didn't want to hold my hand in the parking lot, it dawned on me that she feels out of control. This week, we are making her do something totally unfamiliar and uncomfortable, and she needs to feel in control for part of the day.
  • With Baby 2, I won't potty train while also weaning from the pacifier and battling allergy season. This kid is a cranky mess!
  • Because I am so drained from her emo behavior, I am now addicted to vanilla iced coffee. 
We still have some work to do.  We have to get her to go #2 in the potty and eventually, to sleep in undies. Also, it is so easy when she has nothing on the bottom- as soon as we add undies and shorts, we have issues because she can't pull them down in time! I would love any advice you have in these areas...
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