A little taste of Fall

It's not September 21st yet, she wore a sleeveless dress, and we had the AC on full throttle. But, that doesn't stop those of us who love the change of the seasons to start things a little early!  Even neighbor baby Declan got in on the action in his carrier.

Apparently that was ALL of Columbus, Ohio this morning...all headed to Lynd Fruit Farm. There is only one U-pick orchard around here, and we all know when it is Honeycrisp season. Have you had a Honeycrisp yet?  If you haven't, it is life-changing. No other apple is as good, unfortunately. Anyway, Lynd's has "3 days" of Honeycrisp picking, but by opening this morning (day 2), they were all picked. Lesson learned. Don't come on Honeycrisp weekend (just buy them at the store) and come another weekend when they have other apples that are useful to you.

Gala, McIntosh, and Golden Supreme were available today. We went McIntosh crazy, because they are small, crunchy, and good for pretty much every use. I like to use the smallest apples for caramel apples and plan to use the rest for crockpot applesauce and Apple Snickers salad (Cool whip, apples, chopped snickers--amazing!) Oh and the Apple Dip is already made and half eaten.

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