Baby Deux

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Yeah. I promise I'll devote more air time to the 11-12 week old baby on the inside. This whole potty/back to school situation has had me sidetracked!

With Larkyn, I wrote about my pregnancy a LOT. I don't really plan to do as much this time around because I've already done it and this pregnancy is very similar to hers. Differences?

  • I started showing about the minute I took the positive test. Which is kinda fun/kinda not because I am not sharing this news with my students and parents YET. Not until I have my next doctor appointment on 9/12. Yeahhhhh, awkward. 
  • I have to worry about a flailing, jumping, cuddling 2 year old's elbows and knees!
  • I'm actually watching the "dangerous" foods more this time around. I don't know why. I'm wary of homemade treats, freaked about lunch meat, and not even touching seafood. 
I keep having dreams about this baby. Once that it was a boy, once that it was a girl, and once that it was a squid. I'd prefer one of the first two. 
Not an actual text from my phone. Source. But hilarious.

We have a short list of names that we both like. I'm not 100% sure on either, so if something else comes along, we may change our minds. We will find out and share the gender, but the name will stay a surprise again. You know, to eliminate those awesome conversations where people tell you what they think of the names and you don't want to hear it. Or receiving personalized items and then having to stick with the name! #firstworldproblems

The only thing that has me worried is the prospect of having to move after the baby is here. I HATE the thought of moving. I love our street, I love our proximity to anything and everything, and I would love to stay here forever. we really want them to share a room?  I know people do it, but would you, honestly?  When I search for houses in our area and price range, there is nothing. Moving up in space will most likely mean leaving our community. Which is not what I want. So let's just table that thought for now, shall we?

I can't wait until my next appointment. I am ready to embrace this baby a little more wholeheartedly, without worrying as much. It should be when I hear the heartbeat of this little friend, and I am soooo looking forward to that sound.


Desiree said...

Yeah, I made the mistake of sharing the name with someone who is known not to have a verbal filter/is completely tactless and I completely regret it. I should have known better, but it was a family member and I thought they would be cool.

Of course, it was the same family member who was less than excited that it's going to be another girl, so I really should've known better, but I'm definitely zipping my lips from now on.

And I'm totally the opposite - I'm eating whatever I please - sushi even! I'm not eating oysters and clams but everything else is fair game.

I briefly thought about having them share rooms so we could keep the third bedroom as a guest bedroom but Sofia is still not sleeping well so guests are just going to have to fend for themselves until we get a bigger house! :-)

Nana said...

Ah yes, the "There is nothing spelled like my name" memory! So long ago, but just like it was yesterday:) I can't help that is how Stacie, MN, was spelled! Who was I to point out to the Mayor that he spelled his city's name wrong? Just wouldn't be prudent!! Love you and your little family anyhow, whoever you are--and however you spell your name!

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