Potty Chronicles: Part 2

So this is part 2. Not to be confused with #2. Ha.

It has been a week since we first detailed the beginnings of potty training a 28 month old. In a nutshell, here is where we stand:

  • We are on day 3 of no accidents
  • We are still wearing a diaper at nap/bedtime and that is OK with me for now, until we run out of diapers and I will reevaluate.
  • Because I work, 4 different people are in on this potty training. I was nervous about this, but it has been just fine. 
  • I've stopped making her sit on the potty. She sits on it when she needs to, otherwise it ends up in a useless battle of will.
  • We have left the house twice wearing undies and both times were OK. I was completely unprepared otherwise. How does one prepare for a urine-soaked grocery cart?
  • Still no luck with #2 on the potty. She runs around grabbing her rear for a few hours and then eventually just goes in her diaper overnight. Leading to VERY early mornings.
I am happy with where we are, I guess?  I'm not sure I believe that anyone is able to 100% potty train in a weekend, but people don't believe me that Larkyn has slept 12 hours since she was 6 weeks old. So, some people must hit the potty training jackpot!

What this week has taught me:

  • Don't use the training pants I mentioned last time. It is just like a diaper, so they will use it as such.
  • This was one of the hardest parenting weeks I have ever had and in the last hour, I realized why. As she was laying down in a parking space after a "special doughnut breakfast" shrieking the ABC song because she didn't want to hold my hand in the parking lot, it dawned on me that she feels out of control. This week, we are making her do something totally unfamiliar and uncomfortable, and she needs to feel in control for part of the day.
  • With Baby 2, I won't potty train while also weaning from the pacifier and battling allergy season. This kid is a cranky mess!
  • Because I am so drained from her emo behavior, I am now addicted to vanilla iced coffee. 
We still have some work to do.  We have to get her to go #2 in the potty and eventually, to sleep in undies. Also, it is so easy when she has nothing on the bottom- as soon as we add undies and shorts, we have issues because she can't pull them down in time! I would love any advice you have in these areas...

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Keith and Julie said...

No advice, my dear friend, but I love ya! You are a super mommy. So it will be like, "What? A week of potty training? Yeah, that was so long ago!"

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