Boy or Girl: Just for fun

People around me are starting to submit their guesses. All I ask is that no one use the word "hope". As in "I hope it is a girl/boy". Because then I know what you hoped for and I know that when it is the opposite, you will be disappointed and it'll just be awkward. Ohhhkay?

There are a ton of old wives tales out there and prediction "methods". Here is what they say about the 18ish week old baby currently enjoying Talenti chocolate peanut butter cup gelato we just inhaled. That's right, we. He/she made me do it....

Chinese Gender Chart:  Girl
Heart rate always above 140: Girl
Craving sweet (girl)/salty (boy): Both! When I have one, I have to go find the other
Lack of Morning sickness: Boy
Lovely return of skin blemishes: Girl (but hello, I'm off birth control, so wouldn't it be there anyway?)
Cold feet (boy)/normal feet: Girl
Conclusiveness of baby name: Boy (meaning we have solidly picked a boy name and have no idea for a girl.
Mom's intuition: Boy
Lack of headaches: Girl

With Larkyn, every single one of these predictions was the same except that I 100% felt that I was having a girl and that we only had a girl name on our list. This time around, it is the opposite. I don't 100% feel like it is a boy, but I'm leaning that way.

Any guesses out there? And if you are a mama, any strong feelings about your own child's gender?

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