Officially Two and a Half!

What a difference a month makes!  I feel like I say this all the time, but every month brings new challenges as well as new amazing skills--we take the bitter with the sweet, right?
Always looking up, noticing things that none of us see...this was a rogue balloon. We went to get one for her and she immediately let it go so she could watch it fly away.
New phrases:  When I go in to get her out of bed, she says "I had sweet dreams!" I love it. She also answers our questions now, which is different and funny. She answers "YA" or "No. I don't" instead of just repeating what we say. She also randomly says "I feel sick" in the car, which worries me a little.

New obstacles:  Wanting to go to the garage and basement every time mommy or daddy goes in/down. The next step is a door latch to keep her from her two new favorite places (neither are "finished" in any sense of the word. Also, using the word "MINE" all the time and at the craziest moments (ie: when no one is threatening to take anything from her).

New loves:  Pumpkins!  She's also more interested in Nick Jr. (Dora, Max & Ruby, and Blue's Clues) than Sprout. Wahhh, our sweet baby shows are taking a backseat to Dora's crazy eyes!  She would do art all day, which is nice, except I am running out of ideas. Please share your art ideas that don't require massive amounts of space/supplies.

Larkyn has definitely shown her hard-headed side (which I will admit, she 100% gets from me), and we came thisclose to leaving music class this week because she wouldn't sit down with her rhythm sticks and that is like...a big deal. BUT, when she sings her ABCs or joins me in singing "You are my sunshine" as I put her to sleep, I forget all about those things. She doesn't have much longer as the only child, so I am trying to make it special...

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Nana said...

She IS awesome, Mommy! Cute videa. A couple weeks ago, she wouldn't go down this slide for me! She is growing by leaps and bounds.

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