It all begins with a Peppermint latte

This post was stewing in my brain early this morning, at 5:30 AM. It was not pretty. I went to bed mad, I woke up mad. You know, just those moments that build upon each other...a full day of work and then coming home to dogs peeing/pulling food off the table, toddlers on the verge of being sick/adjusting to the time change, a few zingers exchanged between spouses, and oh yes, supposedly "putting my feet up to relax" as pregnant women are instructed to do.

Not. Reality.

Anyway, I was fuming this morning and almost got up to write what I felt. Then, I checked my Instagram (you know, part of everyone's morning routine) and saw this:


OK. Everyone has bad nights. Or weeks. I couldn't start the day out being resentful, especially after seeing this. So, the post idea changed a little bit.  Instead of listing what is making me mad (who the hell wants to read that?), here is what is gearing me up for what has always been the most special time of year for me...

1. I started my morning by getting my favorite drink of all time, a Peppermint Latte, from Starbucks. Pshhh, pumpkin spice.
This is what I wanted to do.

2. My backyard is totally yellow. Our silver maple is makin' it rain with its vibrant leaves!

3. I got to take a little peek at Baby Boy today. He was relaxing on his side, legs crossed, just looking at us. Stay mellow, little guy.

4. I am doing a lot of fantasy shopping lately. Because we have no nursery, I (virtually) decorate the whole thing, then don't buy any of it. Also, I've been searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for Larkyn. When I ask her, she wants a "ball" and a "puckin" I have one more year to pick out her gifts myself.
Carousel Designs bedding I have been eyeing

5. We are getting Christmas card/maternity photos taken on Monday. I have outfits picked out for 2/3 of the family.'ll be another last minute shopping trip to find something.

6. We go on our anniversary trip in 2 weeks! I can't wait to read, hear silence, and have some much-needed couple time.
You've been on my list for a year. It is time we meet. From

Some days, you need someone else to snatch you from the dark side and shove a peppermint latte in your hand. That happened to be Callie on Instagram and the barista. Find something to be grateful for every morning. If nothing else, at least you aren't this lady...

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Desiree said...

You're so lucky that you get to go on an adults-only trip! Have so much fun!!

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