The Big Catch Up

I am forcing myself to take a sitting break. I don't want to, but I remember this day 3 years ago, I sent myself into my first and only Braxton-Hicks little episode and I don't want to revisit that.

Why today?  WELL, this is definitely one of my favorite days of the entire year.

The day before Thanksgiving. The day before the holiday season starts! The anticipation of weeks ahead causes me to lose my mind, be the first customer into JoAnn's and one of the first at Target, and leaves my house looking like the mafia came in search for a wad of money and only found Karo syrup, baker's twine, and last year's Christmas cards. It is a disaster. But tomorrow, I will have all kinds of pictures of our "finished product" Thanksgiving, and I can't wait!
OK, one sneak peek. Thanks to Desiree and Erin for fueling my lust for this fabric...

In the meantime, Larkyn is another month older. We have resorted to a LOT of phone pictures lately, which I hate. I've been too lazy to plug in and download pictures, and thus, the search for a wifi-capable phone has begun.
Helping make "solanya", or lasagna as we say

She has become an avid kitchen fan, putting on her apron and getting a chair the second the sees me preparing anything. Especially if she gets to crack the eggs.

Potty training has moved from the floor potty to a princess seat on our toilet, but we are not looking at a diaper-free nap or bedtime anytime soon. "Weekend potty training method", again, you lie.

She is picking up phrases here and there, like "WAIT- hold on..." and requesting "Snowman songs" for Christmas music. Because I am a holiday freak show, we have had the car radio on Snowman songs for about a week.

She talks about "Bay Brudder" and thinks he is in her belly, which is a little odd/cute. She calls him Alex, which is nowhere on our list, but she seems to think so. Speaking of "him"...
Our bathroom at the cabin. Why don't phone cameras have self timers?

We are 24 weeks along today. He is the size of a cantaloupe and super active when I lay down for bed or after I eat. My shopping is at a standstill, while we have no nursery nor really any room for anything new. Over the holidays, I'll have to write about the things I'd like to have the second time around...

Over the weekend, we moved in to our second year of marriage by celebrating the our first anniversary at Hocking Hills. It was a luxuriously lazy experience (have I labeled myself lazy twice now? Hmmm) that involved a stack of magazines, football watching, reading Gone Girl in 24 hours, and a constant fire in the fireplace. The 2 day break from home was perfection, and I am so grateful that my parents could watch Larkyn and our friends and family could tag-team the animals! I even forgot the camera at home, so this is all I have to document our trip. We will be making another parents-only trip in the future, that is a promise.

Hope you all have a fun, warm Thanksgiving tomorrow. Slow down and enjoy it!

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