Christmas catch up

Yesterday's post was pre-written because I knew I'd be too depressed to wrap up Christmas the day after. I needed a list to distract me from seeing sad Christmas trees out on the curb and the 546 cardboard boxes taking over our garage.
 She chose a Valentine dress for Christmas Eve at Grandma's. There was no talking her out of it.

Christmas truly came and went too fast this year. And I didn't get nearly enough pictures. We spent Christmas Eve at Matt's mom's house in German Village. She, as usual, had an amazing spread of Italian food and cookies...the woman can cook!  We got a short time to visit with cousins and in-laws before opening a ton of presents. Once Larkyn opened her tea set, it was all over. She is smitten with it and I appreciate that it has a carrying case for all the pieces!  Before we knew it, it was time to head home with our sleepy girl and get to work.

Matt needed to assemble the Kidcraft farmhouse table and chairs and I needed to rest, big time. Suddenly, I am looking and feeling very prego, and the chaos of the night had finally caught up!  I did take a few minutes to fill stockings, which is a favorite part of mine. Larkyn keeps asking for her "special sock" because it was filled with all her favorite snacks and little trinkets.

I woke up at 5:30, thanks to a dog or a kicking baby or who knows what. It was torture waiting for Larkyn and Matt to wake up, finally at 8:20!!

When she came into the living room, she ran past the million gifts and straight to the table and chairs. We opened her stocking there and she wanted to have an impromptu tea party with goldfish before anything else. And yes, she got her Piggie Polish:)

 blowing out the candle on her cake

 pizza party!

I can't believe her feet touch the ground. Barely.

I don't know if it is a phase or her personality, but Larkyn could only handle one gift at a time. Meaning, she wouldn't even look at another gift until she had completely opened and experienced the one before. It made for a pretty long opening ceremonies, but I'm actually glad she doesn't just pull the paper off and keep going.

She was so adorable when she opened some things, gasping "Wow!" and "whhhhaaaat?!" like she couldn't believe they were hers.

 "Nana, it's Muno!"

And Foofa, of course.

Her favorites? The Melissa and Doug layer cake, the tea set, the Yo Gabba Gabba talking plush guys, and her beloved mini MMs. And when she finally got around to looking at them, the silver Hunter boots were a hit, to say the least. She keeps them on all day with her new nightgowns and has mentioned once or twice, "I'm a queen" while wearing them. Ha!

I loved the tall black Uggs Matt gave me, and can't wait to use the external hard drive he put in my stocking to back up all my photos. My mom got us a nice warm blanket for our bed, some pajamas, and lots of sweet gifts for baby boy.

Speaking of pajamas, we stayed in them all day. It was just the kind of Christmas I crave: My own house, a slow pace, TV showing holiday fluff all day, and not getting dressed up to go do anything!

And dinner did not disappoint. I tried this pot roast recipe and it was fantastic. If you are hosting a small group, I would really recommend using the crock pot to buy some precious prep time. I took a few minutes in the morning to throw it all in, and at 5:00 when grandpa came over, it was ready to go! Just add a pretzel salad, and you've got serious Midwestern comfort food.

Yesterday, I took the day to organize Baby's clothes and go through all of Larkyn's toys she has not been using. They either went to our neighbor, into a toy rotation box to reappear later, or into the trash (adios McDonalds toys!) We all piled into bed to watch Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (for literally the 4th time in 24 hours). And today? We actually got dressed and came out to Lattes and Lollipops for some fun and blogging time.

I hope your Christmas was fabulous!


Desiree said...

So I think Blogger ate my comment but I was just saying that Sofia was the same way. She wanted to play with each present at one time and wouldn't open another one until she was good and ready. Thank goodness we didn't get her a ton of stuff!

And yeah, I'm with you on being super pregnant. I get winded walking from the living room to the kitchen. It's a joke trying to keep up with Sofia. :-)

Schneider 4.0 said...

I'm just now catching up on your life! Um, LOVE the picture of her little feet dangling at the table.
And you are so pregnant! I love it! You look so great! and I love your Aztec sweater too! Sounds/looks like your Christmas was lovely!

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