Happy that:  I am officially on Winter break. Even though there was one less week to read all the fun holiday books to the kids and get them all worked up for the holidays, I was definitely ready. I don't think I could have taken one more story about someone's "Elf" being in the fridge or TPing the bathroom.

In disbelief: that I am entering my last trimester of pregnancy. What?! I am well aware that it is about to slow down and feel like slow motion until he is born, but I have no idea where the second trimester went. I still feel fine most of the time, it's just getting (much) harder to bend over, unload groceries, and there may or may not be a snoring issue. Sorry Matt- it's retribution for all the hours I've lost with the giant dog in the bed at your request ;o)

Excited for:  Well, what else?  The big day is less than a week away! I can't wait to give everyone their gifts, have family over for TWO meals that day (breakfast and dinner), and watch A Christmas Story over and over.

Do you remember that torturous wait as a kid?  I used to sleep til 11 every day until Christmas, then I'd wake up early and sit outside my parents' room annoying them until they came out. My dad used to shave and everything, making me wait until he was photogenic. Meanwhile, I had mats in my hair and looked like I'd been hit by a truck. 

Trying to maintain composure: We got our family pictures taken November 10th, and I am STILL waiting on the Christmas cards we chose from the pictures. For someone who lives for sending real mail and who spent a crapload of money on these cards, this is not a happy situation. At this point, there is no way they will be received by Christmas. Which, to me, is the point. Ours will arrive just in time for everyone to be chucking them into the recycling bin. Besides that, they are probably wondering if I cut them from the list. No, I haven't. According to USPS "tracking", they are stuck in Springfield Missouri.

And not to leave out my little baker on the 21st, which will forever be her "birthday" day, she is currently:

Making us laugh by: What she calls her belly. While I was in the shower this week, she opened shower curtain (because, why not?) and sadly said "Mommy, by Bay Brudder hurts" while rubbing her belly. While stifling a laugh, I asked what was wrong. "I want Apple Jacks" was the answer.

Loving to eat:  Cookies! Sprinkles! "Cereal-Milk-on-it", anything that is carbs covered in sugar

Loving to watch:  The Cat in the Hat movie (until she called Bastian a "dirty ho", then that was shut down. She is also into Toy Story , but doesn't really sit through more than a few minutes of any movie.

Hating:  The dark!  Thank goodness she will sleep in it, but she has a melt down every time she needs to enter a dark room.

Favorite activities:  Creating art of any kind, "helping" in the kitchen, chasing the dogs around the house, picking out her own outfits and shoes (always the glittered "princess shoes")

Have a great last weekend before Christmas!  I know I'm totally out of money, so I'll be finding creative ways to avoid shopping (= no fun)

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