Things to do before Baby 2

1. Since he won't have a nursery (yet), I need to at least change out the few nursery items where he will have a bazillion pictures taken. First on the list, changing pad cover and boppy cover!

2. I am a little superstitious. Last time around, Jill and I got pedicures 2 weeks before Larkyn was due. I am definitely looking forward to another one right before baby arrives.

3. A nice dinner out with Matt. One last date night before we are on man-to-man defense at home! We got some restaurant gift cards for Christmas that I hope to use at Cap City or Bonefish. Yum.

4. Read one more book.  It could be my last for a while.

5. Learn to shoot my camera in manual. I am so sick of having to choose between a noisy shot or using the flash inside. I'm demanding better pictures from myself this time around!

6. Throw Julie a fabulous baby shower. Though she won't admit it, she deserves it! It has been way too long since I've gotten to shower a friend and I CAN'T WAIT. My secret Pinterest board is exploding with ideas.

7. Buy some big sister/baby brother books for Larkyn. I found a great list here.

8. Fill up the calendar with her favorite places: Lattes & Lollipops, Polaris Mall playground, Cracker Barrel, Orange Leaf ("Elems and sprinkles, mommy!"), and lots of time for art and cooking! Where can we do that?

9. My list of "essentials" is shrinking quickly as time is slipping away!  Luckily, friends are handing down a Rock N' Play and mini co-sleeper for him to sleep in. I need to buy a new bouncy seat, diaper pail, blankets (because EVERY one we have is precious but pink!), terry cloth bibs, bath towels, and a cute little hat/bunting for nasty March and April weather.

10. Luckily, most of the stuff we already have. Now I have to dig it out:( I did a good job labeling the tubs in the basement, but finding this stuff does not sound like fun.

11. Um, pick a name. We might actually do the old "We will name him when we see him" from our list of 3. I like all 3 so much that I told Matt he could choose. 

12. One more Girl's Night dinner. I am already looking forward to it.

What am I missing?

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