Toddler gift-giving

I'm a little sad to say that I am pretty much finished with Larkyn's Christmas shopping. Since her birthday and Christmas are so far apart, we have a lot of time to think about things she might like.  In case you need to buy for a 2-3 year old, here are some items I have spent WAY too much time researching and finding for the best price...

Melissa and Doug pizza set
Last year, she got her play kitchen with some basic one-piece foods. This year, she's more into assembling things and she does love pizza!

Kidcraft Farmhouse table & chairs
We tried a picnic table in the living room and it is just too big. It will be perfect outside, and this one will come in for her snack time, coloring, etc.

Board Books
I made an amazon list of the books she does not have so that I can check them off when purchased. No more paperback books until she stops ripping the pages out! I'll be looking for classics like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Brown Bear, Max & Ruby's Tea Party, You are My Sunshine, Goodnight Moon, and many more.

Gymboree Clothes
I always hit up the 50% off sale and stock up on long sleeve tees and leggings that will last this season and next (ie: I got 3Ts that she can wear a little larger this year and we can pull out next year). LOVE this Mousing Around Collection, but restrained myself at 3 shirts and the layered leggings.

Alex Toys Tin Tea Set
Trying to find an unbreakable tea set that isn't made of nasty Chinese chemical plastic is hard! We settled on this one, which I also chose because of the carrying case for the pieces.

M&D Birthday cake
This girl adores anything related to birthdays, and again, she can assemble it herself.

Art Supplies
Just a few basics here for our little artist: toddler scissors, M&D sticker pads, new crayons, Magnadoodle, and lacing cards. Any other ideas? Please don't say Play Doh.

Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair
This is our one commercial indulgence (so far). She likes this show a lot and when the commercials come on for this doll, she goes nuts. I think she will love the hair (who wouldn't...great weave:)

Fisher Price Doctor Kit
Just something every kid needs, right?

M&D Slice and Bake Cookie set
I couldn't resist rounding out the food set with her favorite food to help me bake!

As for the stocking?
  • headbands (her accessory of choice)
  • mini MMs
  • flashlight (so she stops stealing Paw Paw's Maglight!)
  • coins for her to put in her bank
  • Piggie Polish (toddler-safe nail polish)
  • Bath crayons
  • Dora straw cup

Almost all the items were purchased through And as I looked at them a second time, some of the prices fluctuated anywhere from a few cents to over $10. My advice, if you see the price drop, get it before it goes back up!

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Nana said...

Oh my goodness! She is going to be beside herself! How fun! Would love to see the pictures of her opening everything! Let's see you hide all things! Nana

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