Turning the page on 2013

Our NYE will be pretty tame this year, which is just fine. It'll be a few years before I am up for the big nights out that we used to have! It is typically the night I set my expectations way too high, so a night in with my husband, favorite girl, and little (big) bump, is perfect. As long as we have good food.

In less than 12 hours, it'll be 2014. The year we go from a family of 3 to a complete family of 4! 

What do you want from 2014? Here is what I want...

1. To keep a clean house. For me, it is so hard to do. It seems like the only time I can keep it clean is during the summer when I am off. If I can stay on top of small jobs here and there and maybe even assign Larkyn some simple chores, I might be able to stay sane in the clutter.

2. Speaking of clutter, I want it gone. We are giddy at the thought of renting one of those Bagger dumpsters for a weekend and going to town. I cannot take the empty containers, receipts, and things waiting to be fixed. I am also slowly donating Larkyn's outgrown items to our loved ones with little girls.

3. To be more thoughtful. I need to send cards, make it a point to celebrate birthdays with people rather than just a text, help them when they need errands or items or just lend an ear.

4. To finally be at peace with friendships that just aren't going anywhere. To let them go, let go of the things they have said to me that aren't true and are projections of their own insecurities.

5. To maintain grace as a parent and wife. I will make mistakes, and I hate to hear about them. It takes me from 0-10 on an anger scale, and I know there are better ways to manage it than to react like a Real Housewife of NJ. Which I don't, but I sometimes imagine. I am not sure how to handle criticism, really. So there's that. Any ideas?

6. To save like crazy.  Now that Christmas is over, it is time to buckle down and get serious if we actually want to be able to move this summer. We need to combine bills, limit the carryout/fast food, sell a few things, and not buy random things for ourselves for about 6 months!

Happy 2014! Hope it is good to you:)

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Amen on the clutter. I'm in need of some time to get that done! I found that if I make "zones" I can get more done, i.e. the one drawer instead of every drawer and cabinet. Good luck with it! It's maybe easier with "nesting" but definitely not with a toddler running around!

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