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I'm finally linking up with 10 on 10!  Document 10 little moments of your typical day on the 10th day of the month...
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Good morning! This little guy sleeps ON my feet all night. Making me stay in bed way too late today.


That FACE!  That was her stretching/squishy morning face. She dissolved into tears about 5 minutes later...


Awesome. Did not plan on the overnight snow. Add 3 more minutes.


To get her dressed and into the car (now running very late), I had to bribe with a graham cracker.


I put my makeup on in the car at red lights and our parking lot. By the way, eos lip balm? Not a fan!


Ugh. Not proud of this breakfast at work.  Just add water!


We got iPads today at school! I have no idea how to use one ipad with 20 kids, but still a nice little bonus on our teacher work day.


The bulk of my day was spent planning for the rest of January. This is one of my favorite parts of teaching. Especially when there actually IS snow to make the lessons more authentic.


At lunch, Ann and I hit up Babies R Us for some things for Julie's baby shower. I couldn't resist the 50% off rack and this sweet woodland set for my little guy. And of course we made time for Jason's carryout. Chicken salad sandwich, broccoli cheese soup, and sweet tea! 


After a few more hours of organizing, copying lessons, and catching up with friends in the hallway, it was time to pick up my sweetheart. Although she is pantsless, these boots never leave her body, even when emergency gluing the art she made at the sitter's today. Don't mind the muddy paw prints.

Hope you had a great day!

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Keith and Julie said...

I am so glad you did 10 on 10! Your days are so interesting and should be documented. I totally forgot about it this month.

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