50 things to be happy about

Well, the snow day (actually it's not even the snow, more the temperature that is closing schools left and right) thing is getting a little old. I tend to get a little cabin fever, and was struggling with what to write about over the last 2 days. Maybe these things only apply to me, maybe they apply to you, or maybe you could seek them out and add a little cheer to your day. We could all use it this time of year!

1. Not having to wake up to an alarm

2. Movie time (The Help is up next for me!)

3. Making valentines, or really, all things related to Valentines Day

4. Watching Good Morning America in its entirety

5. Party planning! At least during my days off, I've had some fun making favors and decorations for Julie's shower and also picking the theme for Larkyn's third birthday.

6. Getting our taxes filed FINALLY (are yours always a huge pain? Ours are!)

7. Knowing what you are having for dinner and that you don't have to go to the store again (ribs and mashed potatoes tonight!)

8. When your toddler entertains herself and you get to hear all the conversations she has with herself and her lamp, her bird rug, etc. Hilarious.

9. Pigtails

10. Pharrel's ridiculous Grammy hat. I thought I was the only one who noticed it. Apparently not.

11. Texting, play-by-play style, about The Bachelor Wedding on Sunday with your nextdoor neighbor. We gave up on DB Juan Pablo a few weeks ago, so our Sunday was saved by Sean and Catherine! Perhaps could have done without the Honeymoon Suite cam and the lingerie shopping trip.

12. Thinking about Larkyn in preschool. She is going to have so much fun. And I can't wait to buy her a backpack. Hopefully there is a snack time that will require a matching lunchbox.

13. The Biebs getting arrested. Now if only he can be deported.

14. Cookie scoops. My favorite kitchen accessory ever.

15. The fact that my camera connects to my phone. Now if only I could upgrade my laptop for the 3rd time to make IT connect to the camera too. #macprobs

16. Mama and Daughter Hunter wellies. We wear them several times a week, and I can honestly say they've paid for themselves in this weather.

17. Land O' Lakes hot chocolate (especially classic chocolate, french vanilla, and hazelnut)

18. Looking through Larkyn's baby clothes. I'm sorting into give/keep/sell piles and recalling a little memory that went with each outfit!

19. Pinterest. Now that I've learned how to use it and not try to BE it, I'm good.

20. The early morning routine of checking Instagram and reading my favorite blogs

21. Husbands who shovel, scrape and salt. AND empty the dishwasher for bonus points:)

22. Shark Tank! Do you watch it? It is something I always seem to catch (9 pm Fridays, sad, I know) and I love seeing what these people come up with.

23. Being employed, and actually enjoying your work. My job will never be easy, but I am lucky to have it and proud of what I do each day. I hope you are proud of what you do too!

24. Getting out the baby gear for our little guy, who will be here in 7 weeks!

25. A mom who still does my laundry and dishes when she comes over to babysit. It is one day a week when I come home and (almost) fist pump out of excitement.

26. Snow Rollers. I was annoyed at the big fuss at first, but I almost drove off the road multiple times staring at them on my way home.
wikipedia pic since I don't photograph and drive

27. Cat paws. Just too much cuteness in one body part.

28. The Olympics. Though not as awesome as the summer games, I'm sure I'll get sucked in to the winter games. But seriously-- could we have picked a less secure location?! Why not North Korea?

29. Dessert. Next up, Sticky Toffee bundt cake.

30. Starbucks mochas and vanilla lattes

31. <-- 2="" age="" and="" another="" br="" favorite="" for="" months.="" my="" number="" ugh.="">

32. The fact that we have electricity and heat. After watching the news and seeing all the people who have lost it, or whose states were unprepared (teachers spending the night at school with the kids!??! Pull it together, Atlanta!), I am grateful to be comfortable in my house in a state that is used to this.

33. When your child develops favorites and can express them. "Panera, yeah!", "Woody", "Monsters", "Fanshee Nanshee" and "makin' art togedder" are a few of our currents.

34. Anticipating a girls night!  Bravo + diapers + feeling loved = what could be better?

35. Stationary and pens that match

36. Babies in hooded towels

37. Netflix streaming, allowing us to watch a full series commercial-free all in a few weeks. After Breaking Bad, what should we start next?

38. A good historical fiction novel. My Thanksgiving read, Gone Girl, was a total disappointment for me. I'll have to take a walk through Barnes and Noble to actually pick up and look at a few contenders for my next read.

39. Friends who love your children

40. The Oscars are coming!!  I LOVE watching the Red Carpet and the entire show all the way through the Best Picture.

41. If you have to use a babysitter, it is the best feeling to drop off knowing that your child is loved and having a blast.

42. The trailer for Labor Day. Every once in a while, I love a good romance!

43. Happy Mail Days!  Today I received a package from Gymboree (Spring clothes for my girl), Baby Leggings (I die-they are so cute), and some fabulous crafting supplies that I can't share until after Julie's shower.

44. Fresh flowers. Any time. For any occasion or no occasion. Besides a newborn baby or animal, nothing is as perfect!

45. The fact that I (and hopefully you) don't have the Norovirus. Barf.

46. Fruit salad. I cannot wait for fruit season. Until then, Chick-fil-A fruit salad is the next best.

47. 50 Days until Spring!

48. That one photo out of every 50 that turns out to be fabulous

49. A great smelling candle. I don't dare pick one out for anyone else because smells are so personal, but when you find a perfect match (Bath and Body Works Vanilla Snowflake), buy 2!

50. There are people with a much bigger struggle than me. And you. Be thankful, find the good and the happy:)

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