Getting sick of this

Taking care of this one. Our first cold of the season. Last night's sleep was oh-so-fun. Actually it was funny. Every time I went in to my crying, stuffy girl, she requested something new without even opening her eyes:  "Mommy. sprinkles."  "Mommy. Toast crunch." She was out of it.
I kind of look like her mirror image, minus the Tangled nightgown
In the beginning stages of selling our home!  If you've ever bought/sold, you know it's never final until the keys are exchanged. But, we are pursuing the move this spring while I'm on maternity leave.  I figured it was easier to start getting little things out of the way NOW, so it is checklist time!

Thinking about tonight's Breaking Bad episode. We started it this week and are hooked. I'm hoping it'll start moving faster soon, but last night's cliffhanger of "Wanna cook?" made me want to prop my eyelids open for more!

Getting excited for Julie's baby shower next week. Here are a few sneak peeks from my Pinterest page. Julie and I often say "Pretend you are surprised" because both of us love being in on the action and planning, so...pretend you are surprised, my friend.


Planning room for Baby O. My Mother-in-law and I figured out a fabulous plan to get Larkyn's toys out of the living room and into her room for home showings while also giving Baby a changing table/clothes storage that looks like regular living room furniture. Meet our new friends that we hope to order soon:

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