Five on Friday

Make-ahead steel cut oats
 My friend Jessica introduced me to these at a staff breakfast this year.  I'm not into trendy foods at all, but have you tried them? They are so much better for you as the whole grain rather than the processed rolled oats. They are pretty time-consuming, but I now have a system for amazing oatmeal every morning!

  • 1 cup steel cut oats (get them from the bulk section) + 4 cups water + 1 cup dried fruit (I use bulk cranberries) + 1/2 cup half and half
  • Spray your crockpot with canola oil spray. Cook all ingredients in crock pot on warm (not low) for 6 hours, then high for 2 hours (I scrape the sides a few times because it tends to stick)
  • Put into small mason jars and refrigerate. Mason jars work because heating plastic makes me gag.
  • When ready to eat, stir up the oatmeal (it will have solidified) and microwave for 1:30
  • Add some milk, brown sugar, and pecans!  

Almost-free car seat canopy
Kristy sent me a coupon for a "free" carseat canopy. I have to pay $12.95 shipping, but for a "$50" product, whatever. I was too afraid to use a Bundle Me with Larkyn (you want me to zip her up in that?) The canopy just hangs over to protect from wind and cold. Which pattern do you like best? Chevy, Hayden, Jagger, or Kennedy?! And who came up with the word "minky?"

 Mom's One Line a Day journal
 I used to keep a daily calendar to write down little things Larkyn did or said. It ended at age 2, and I have been missing it!  I found this journal at Barnes and Noble and I think it'll be cool to look back over the next five years on the same date to see funny moments or milestones.

Gap supersoft (maternity) leggings
 I love leggings any day, but especially during pregnancy!  I cheaped out and got the Motherhood ones at first, but since Sebastian chewed a hole in the crotch (awesome), I upgraded and got these the second time around. So soft and much thicker than my last pair, which seem like hose (hose! remember those!?) compared to these.


Diaper Dinner invitation
As I mentioned earlier in the week, Jill (who designed this invite--sorry for the weird reflections in this photo!) arranged for a little Diaper Dinner in a few Fridays at one of my favorite restaurants. I can't wait to sit around the table with these loving ladies who will hopefully be a part of my son's life for many years. Though I wish I could partake in the wine, I'll settle for dessert!

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