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You probably already know that our baby won't have his own room until we move, which won't be until this summer (IF all goes as planned). But with a long winter break and 2 extra snow days, I have had quite the time on my hands. I have Pinterest pages going for Julie's baby shower, Larkyn's birthday, and the baby's nursery. In other words, I am very happy in planning mode right now.

After about 48 hours on etsy, trying to find custom bedding that was exactly what I wanted and contacting 3 different shop owners, I decided the price tag was not for me (appx. $400 for THREE pieces!). I took a step back and decided to go with more neutral bedding and accessorize the room with my favorite fabrics and colors.

The tone for his room will be calm, natural, and vintage.  The color scheme is gray with a few hints of foxy orange and teal. When searching for nursery items, especially animals, everything seems to be too cutesy or mod for my taste. I didn't want mustached and bespectacled animals, nor chevron and polka dots galore, which is what I kept finding.

But after many hours, here is what I hope to collect and create for our little guy in the coming months...

/1/ Graco Mason crib  /2/ Ikea Raksog cart  /3/ Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey paint with painted birch trees  /4/ Kacy Collection Madison Glider

We are going with an affordable crib this time around in a dark finish, since we can't use Big Sis' white furniture carved with flowers. This one gets great reviews and has a few coordinating pieces from Target.

I fell in love with this cart from Ikea a long time ago. I see myself using it for bibs, burp clothes, and binkies. Anyone making an Ikea trip soon??

This is the paint scheme I'd like to use. A warm, light gray with painted birch trees. I have watched a few tutorials and the tree painting doesn't look toooo daunting.

And last, we are getting a GOOD glider this time. I haven't settled on this one because I'd rather not pay $400, but I'm not doing the cheap-o wooden frame glider again.

 /1/ Oilo Sticks crib bedding  /2/ Birch Organics Woodland Party  /3/ Birch Organics orange dot /4/ Birch organics Abacus grey  /5/ Birch Organics Pool chevron

Originally, I wanted to use these 4 fabrics to create a bedding set, but like I said, it got out of control fast. So, I found this pewter bedding that I love. Natural and simple-looking, I think. I'd like to use these fabrics here and there: a pillow for the glider, inside embroidery hoops, maybe a banner, or maybe a torn fabric garland. The pool chevron and orange dots are very tiny and subtle, not bold.

And do you see the little fox hiding in the 2nd fabric?  That leads me to my favorite part...

 /1/ LuvKT Pair of foxes  /2/ TidwellHollowFriends Woodland fox /3/ Theletteredlane Wooden name sign  /4/ SweetMelodyDesigns Fox balloon print  /5/ Printable Wisdom ABC print  /6/ Katemaedesigns Aqua Clouds mobile  /6 again/ Pinwheelkids F is for fox watercolor  /7/ Catshy Crafts Embroidered hoop art

First of all, that is why I did not major in math. Oops. Second, knitted or "rustic" looking stuffed animals are expensive! I was happy to find these 3 little guys with a reasonable price tag, and I love that one is gray.

I want Baby's name over his crib, but a little different from the individual wooden letters. This sign might be at the top of my list!

The fox with the balloon is available in several different colors, and it was actually the inspiration for the entire nursery. He's so darn cute. Again, you can personalize colors in the ABC sign, so I will go more teal. And the dots mobile, I'd like to go a little less bright on the aqua, but I think it is a perfect compromise of having a mobile without getting too cheesy.

There are several "F is for fox" watercolor prints, but this one is just a placeholder. I'm actually going to ask Julie to make one for us (surprise, Julie!) 

And finally, you have to check out Catshy Crafts on etsy.  I want one for every kid I know. So sweet, and really embodies the whole feel of my nursery vision in one tiny piece.

What do you think?  What am I missing?  Besides a room, of course.

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Nana said...

So, baby "o"'s name is Samuel? Who knew??? Love all the foxy designs for his nursery. It's going to be a fun time to do all the decorating! Wait a minute; is his name Drew? Well, you have time to make up your mind! I love you and what's-his-name! Nana

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