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Harper changing pad cover and Rugby essential bath wrap, both 29.50

Who has the best customer service ever? Pottery Barn Kids continues to wow me by going over the top every time I work with them. Online, they were back-ordered on one of the two things I really wanted to get Baby O before he arrives. I called to see if they had both in the store, and they did. Sweet. Instead of just "holding" them, she offered to take my payment info over the phone and had them waiting at the loading dock in the back of the mall so I didn't even have to go in


We watched a documentary the other day called Forks Over Knives. It isn't often that I watch something and get really into it, but this was one of them. In short, the film documents the benefits of eating a whole-food plant-based diet. Several years ago, I learned about Super Foods and was pretty good at eating a whole foods diet, but never thought too much about the vegetarian aspect. Because I love meat. Anyway, watch this movie. I'm not turning vegetarian and I'm not trying to turn you vegetarian. But it is incredible to see the disease prevention and reversal that takes place when people focus on whole foods (rather than processed) and plant-based eating.

So, the above being said, my meal planning is going to include more than one vegetarian night. I've always tried for one, so I'll try two and then eventually three. I don't think it will be easy, but it will be worth it for our family. Any great recipes to share?


It is so fun to experience holidays with children!  I am totally guilty of getting her amped up for Valentines Day this year, and it was fun to wake her up and see her reaction to a table of her favorite things: Hershey hugs (really anything that is the shape of a "hug" is considered a Hug to her), a Toy Story card, a light up wand and light up cup, and M&Ms! God bless Walgreens for all their fun, cheap thrills.


A non-fussy Valentine's Day. For the past two years, Larkyn has been sick (like really sick) on V-Day, so I think we are used to not making a big deal. Requirements? Delicious carry-out (this year from Cap City), valentines, and getting each other our favorite treats. All I could think about today was the promise of chocolate covered strawberries, and Matt delivered!

Babies are making their way into the world! My dear blog friend, Desiree, had Andrea a week ago. Congratulations on your sweet girl! And my niece Kristy, who is due with Baby Henry, has news from her OB that he is definitely making progress ahead of his March 9th due date. Then guess who is next?!

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