I'm ready...

With a little over 3 weeks to go, I am ready for Baby O to arrive. I am not "over" being pregnant or anything, I'm just ready...

  • to sleep again. I know it will be interrupted by a hungry little guy, but to just be comfortable in my own skin and not tossing like a fish out of water will be a relief.
  • to be able to bend over to pick things up again! Life with a toddler and a dog who steals things (both leaving a 24 hour trail) is a constant bend-and-snap routine (see below) for me. Lately, the trails have lingered longer or I've insisted that Larkyn pick up certain things before she's allowed to have something she wants.
  • to adjust to feeding him however I need to. I am not 100% sure I'm going to use formula (but Enfamil was nice enough to send me 2 free containers), but I have everything in it's place. This time around, the Boon drying rack is accentuated by the Boon tree to hold tiny parts. 
  • to snuggle him up in all the blankets we have received. My mom made him the gorgeous gray knitted one, there are several light cotton ones, and Ann got the super plush light blue one to match Larkyn's irreplaceable pink blanket. The adorable fox is a little lovey that Amber got him pretty much the day I found out I was having a boy. Matt's mom is creating quite the collection of Jellycats for the kids. The raccoon is just the start!
  • to arm myself with dinners that are ready to go once we get home from the hospital. My ideas, pending husband approval:
  1. Mexican lasagna
  2. potato soup
  3. chicken noodle soup
  4. chili
  5. We will definitely have some carry-out options in there, as well as my dad's beef stew, which is NOT freezer material!

  • to put our changing "dresser" to good use. All 3 of us put it together this week, and it filled up FAST. Minor detail...it is next to our dining room table. It is literally the only place left in our teeny house, and when the pad is removed (for house showings), it won't scream "DIAPER ZONE".
  • to finally use these hats I have been lusting over for months. I finally ordered them from Christy at Carolina Knots and they are so freaking cute.  I could buy about 10 more.
  • to hold my long-legged boy, share him with everyone, and complete our family!

The only place I do not feel ready at all is at school. I know life would go on if I had the baby tomorrow. But, I have 11 conferences set up over the next 3 weeks and 42 report cards due on my last official day. I met with my long term substitute today, filling her in on everything she will need to know to be "me" for 8 weeks.

And now, I leave you with one of cinema's greatest scenes. I can only aspire to be like the woman in the blue windsuit.

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