Meal Plan for the week of 2/9

Well, last week, I slacked a little bit and missed making 2 of the meals I had planned on. Which of course went over well here because it is still a guessing game of what anyone around here would like to eat! I don't find out until the dinner is made and on the table that no one wants it, which is awesome. I'm not giving up on having a plan for dinner though and saving us $ by eating at home...

King Ranch Casserole (since we missed it last week)

Manwich with veggie sides (you don't need a picture of fancy Manwich, do you?)

White bean soup (I'm adding ham)



Valentines Day dinner!  My bucket list before baby included going out on a kid-free dinner, so here's hoping that actually happens and we can have a nice dinner together somewhere. If not, fantastic carry-out and a chocolate dessert will do:)

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