My favorite symptom

Both of my pregnancies have been relatively easy after the first 10 weeks or so. And even in those first 10 weeks, there wasn't any throwing up or spending all day in bed--just feeling a little under the weather. Both have been very similar, with citrus cravings, stretch marks right at the end (yippee!) and my personal favorite:

There are a few things going on here, and because like ANY normal person, I googled the crap out of something that is out of the ordinary (mostly to prove to Matt that I am normal). Being compared to the "heavyset guy in accounting" is a bit much, but it helps to know that I am not alone! 

See? 2 MILLION results. The good thing is that I'm cleared for gestational diabetes, so that isn't a complication. And my blood pressure is so low that anyone who is new to taking my BP often has a look of concern until they read my chart. So, there's that.

There's also a new sleeping arrangement in town because my chainsaw sound effects aren't appreciated by everyone (which I get--sometimes I wake myself up!) We watch Breaking Bad, I immediately fall asleep, and Matt ends up moving to the couch. Then when he can't sleep out there any longer because it is the most uncomfortable sleeping couch in the world, he comes back in. Therein lies the problem, because I'm happily snoring away and he can't get back to sleep. Several "You're snoring" and "elbows to the back later, and I'm out here because I feel bad.

I know it's not my fault because it is part of being prego, but dammit, I don't want to be sleeping on the couch for 6 more weeks.

Any ideas out there?

And speaking of 6 weeks...seriously?!  All of a sudden, it's getting real!  A friend at work told me that her cousin, who was due 5 days before me, had her baby over the weekend. That kind of sent me into panic mode because if our baby should decide to come any time soon, he would probably post an adoption ad on Craigslist because we are so not ready.

Priorities now.
  • Diapers- check. 
  • Enough clothes for his first month- check. Um. That's it. 
  • I have to pre-register at the hospital, get his changing table/dresser set up with said clothes, and have a to-do list at school that is so long it makes me want to cry. Not that I put any of my work tasks off; they are all items that need to be done at certain times (report cards, conferences, lesson plans for my maternity leave)
  • Shopping trip for essentials like bibs, blankets, a new diaper pail, and I'm sure several other little things I forget that we need until I see it
  • A hair appointment must occur prior to this baby's grand entrance
  • A pampering day is in the works with Julie, including pedis, lunch, and MAYBE a blowout:)
  • Last but not least, this time I WILL have food lined up for our first days home. This may or may not include Matt picking up carry-out for 5 straight nights. As long as I don't have to cook!

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