This kid is covered!

Last night, the upstairs room of Bravo Cucina was filled with laughing, smiles, pasta, and....diapers. 12 of my closest friends, one handsome baby boy, and I got together, courtesy of Jill's organization.

This was the perfect way to celebrate a second baby. The restaurant provided the food and the venue, Jill provided sweet caramel corn favors, and an amazing Chocolate Covered Strawberry cake (they even sliced and served it for us!)

If you have a friend who is pregnant with her second baby and want to make her feel special, this is the way to do it:)

And, judging by the full van at the end of the night, this kid will be covered for quite a while. I'm anxious to try all the different brands and hopefully save some money this time around with some more budget-friendly brands.

What diapers worked for you?
 Jill, Alyson, Me, Amber, Mara, Heidi, Ann, Brenda, Mom, Elizabeth, Shannon, Mo, Julie

Mom knitted a beautiful blanket for Baby Boy. There are sure to be more close-ups of it in his newborn pictures. 

Ann made a diaper cake, complete with a bottle of bubbly in the middle!

Martha Stewart Jill filled these with her grandma's caramel corn (ie: my breakfast)

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