Kindness is...

...a friend who comes with her Swiffer to clean YOUR floor and with your favorite chicken salad because lunch just doesn't exist these days.

...a mom who will meet you at Babies R Us and the grocery store just to make sure the baby carrier can get from the car to your cart without you having to lift it. Even if the rude cart collector says "Shame on you for making your mom carry that!" Does he really want to know what a postpartum ripped stitch would be like??  (also, she has done some heinous loads of laundry in the last week)

...a collective "Hang in there" on social media when it is evident that reality has hit

...a husband who takes you out to breakfast and dinner on the same day because he knows you love to go out to eat and it is his last day of leave. Even if it means he will not get to eat much of his dinner and will have to patiently say "sit down" and "don't spill it" 500 times.

...a friend who volunteers to take your toddler to the indoor playground for the morning. And fills up your empty gas tank on the way.

...a big sister who rocks and tucks her little brother in when he's crying, even though that makes him cry harder. It's the thought that counts, right?

...friends who send a birthday wish, reminding you that "Oh yeah, I have a birthday."

...a sister in law who takes Larkyn across town to her house for the morning to play with her cousin

...friends who took time from their family to come visit in the hospital

...a sister who sends 2 boxes of boy clothes the second Rhys is born, collected from all the little boys in our family

...a friend who takes pictures of you and your baby because you never get to be in any photos

...a friend who unexpectedly reaches out in an email to congratulate you

...a blog friend who just had her second baby and just gets it

...a friend who sorts through and labels bags of baby clothes that are taking over the house

...a friend who sets up meals to be delivered, and all those friends who have dropped off or will be dropping off thoughtful meals 

...a niece with her own newborn boy who is always at the other end of the phone with answers or just an understanding heart

...a European inventor (or mom, most likely) who created Gripe Water

...a friend who brings you Starbucks and good conversation and doesn't turn and run when you open the door in your disgusting bathrobe. I'm still working on getting myself ready before the kids!

...a friend who leaves her 3 boys to come cuddle with yours while you take that elusive shower

...two beautiful kids who, by some act of God, are napping at the same time

I am overwhelmed by the kindness that has been shown since I became a mom of two. I am so lucky to have friends and family like you, and I won't forget it. Now, maybe I can sneak in a little nap ;)

Rediscovering Superpowers

In the last 8 days, I have been reminded of the super powers we parents receive with a newborn. Now a newborn plus a toddler (that's extra pixie dust, right?) Without these powers, moms and dads everywhere would either be laying on the floor in a puddle of their own tears (or worse) and children would be running through the streets with dirty diapers, looking for the next adult to take down.

The ability to pour a perfect one ounce shot into a bottle as if you've been a bartender for years. fall asleep on a 4 foot toddler mattress for a blessed 2 minutes while said toddler performs some sort of STOMP routine

 Remember these guys?  If they are looking for a new performer, I know one. clean a baby bath tub and adult tub after sweet baby's first tub bath, which he finally decided was his toilet of choice...without puking your guts out be interested in and read in it's entirety, this article telepathically tell your toddler that, for the love of God, if you stay in bed without getting out during naptime, you can have a whole bag of Hershey Hugs. After 2 hours of practicing the high jump off the toddler bed and gleefully dancing around her room, it works. And only required 2 Hugs. sit in a lap-full of spit up (we are talking almost an entire bottle) for the sake of baby's comfort while he finishes the rest of the bottle order more carryout food than ever imaginable

 Only our kitchen is still not clean. Oops. wash a screaming toddler's hair in a nano-second to This is Matt's specialty.


Having two has been interesting. For the most part, our days aren't too chaotic. But, when Rhys cries, Larkyn immediately cries too. Which is awesome. So, my priority?  Happy Baby= Happy House. Stay tuned for more adventures.

The name

It was very easy to name Larkyn. I had the name ready to use for years, and Matt liked it too. So we knew from the beginning that if we had a girl, that would be her name. It was fun keeping it a secret and letting everyone know when she was born.  If she was a boy, Matt had suggested the name Rhys.

When we found out that we would be having a boy this time, I said as we left the ultrasound office "Well, we already have a name, so that was easy!" When Matt replied, "We do?", it was the beginning of a long, indecisive 6 months!

I wanted a name that was unique. Not wacky, but different and classy, I guess. We added Rhys to a list that I kept in a notebook. The other contenders?
  • Ford
  • Gray
  • Wells 
  • Reeves
Some of my favorites fell out of the running for various reasons, like any name beginning with "H" (initials would be HO) and I liked Lincoln (Lincoln & Larkyn = too close). 

It came down to Ford and Rhys for the last few months. Actually until the week he was born, I still couldn't decide. There is an imagery attached to Ford. People do not process that name without thinking of the car, right?  I wasn't sure I wanted that. But on the other hand, Rhys can be a girl's name and I wondered if people would think it was girly. But by spelling it the traditional Welsh way, we hoped to avoid that. I read way too many articles and posts about the name, and it is, indeed a boy's name. See?

 Rece Davis, ESPN commentator, is a fixture in our house

 Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Irish Actor

Rhys Ifans, Welsh actor, and actually from whom Matt got the name idea in one of
his favorite movies, Pirate Radio

I also like that it begins with an R, like both his grandpas.  Christopher is to honor one of my brothers who passed away before I was born. So, like our daughter, our son has a traditional family name as a middle name.

It is also worth noting that when Kristy sent me a photo of the Oh Henry candy bar thank you gifts she made for the nurses, I about died when I realized we would both be naming our kids after chocolate bars. Classic.

So, that's his story. Around here though, he is affectionately known as Bubba, Baby Brother, and Sweetie Pie.

The first days home

Home as a family of four!

It has been interesting. Nothing too dramatic, but it definitely, DEFINITELY is a team effort. My friends told me that the biggest adjustments would have to be made by Matt, and that is true. When my hands are full, changing Rhys' outfit for the 4th time in a day (how quickly I forgot about that!) and Larkyn wants milk, he has to jump in.  And he has, thank goodness.

Big sis has had some moments. She is interested in her baby brother and hasn't said or done anything to make us think she's jealous. But she's not going to sleep as easily, has a few more meltdowns than usual, and has this fun new habit of talking over whoever is talking so that her voice can be heard. It all makes sense. We all get it...but it does require quite a bit of patience.

Rhys is settling in well. Pretty much all he does is sleep!  He likes his car seat, the Rock and Play, and being snuggled in fluffy blankets. He despises having his diaper changed, just like Larkyn (and probably all newborns?)  It could be because I am not used to the boy diaper changes, there is the circumcision wound, and the belly button to not bump with the diaper. Lots to deal with down there!  He was drinking 1/2-1 ounce when we first got home, but on his 3rd day, he went up to 3 ounces all of a sudden.

Each night has been different. He is sleeping in our room in the Rock and Play. Last night (night 3), he finished feeding at 1:00 and slept until 6:00. I thought that was pretty good. Thank goodness I have been able to get some naps in to compensate.

The house is a mess. Babies come with a lot of stuff, and combined with Larkyn's trail of toys, it looks like a tornado came through. I try to keep it from getting cluttered, but I overdid it today and have been paying for it all day.

This week, I'm looking forward to our newborn photos, the first pediatrician visit, a few visits from friends, and Larkyn starting back into the routine with her sitter and friends. So far, so good!

Hello, world!

Our stay at the hospital was just as fantastic as it was with Larkyn. I am writing this while Rhys is playing with his friends in the nursery for a little bit. This is an amazing place where I can truly appreciate the kindness of others and ease into real life with a newborn.

After the delivery, we settled in to our recovery room. The nurses were so sweet to my boy while bathing him. My mom stayed for a few hours, and we had our first visitors!  Ann, Brenda, and Jill all came to see us. I was feeling good and Rhys slept the whole time.

That night, I woke up with contractions (surprise--those happen AFTER birth too, and are 100x worse than the ones before the birth. Come ON, Mother Nature!). I was sobbing and frustrated that this was happening again, and my awesome nurse Pam was there for me. They took Rhys to the nursery for the night and got me the meds I needed to calm it all down. I can't believe the things the nurses will do for patients, and for that, I brought them a small token of thanks...

I made the tags by using a "label" overlay on Picmonkey, finding a fox clipart, and putting both together in Word. And of course, added the Reese's egg as a play on words. I know, hilarious. I wasn't sure if the nurses would take them. Not only did they accept them, they were really thankful for the treat!

On Wednesday morning, Aunt Shannon came to meet her new nephew (and to bring me a cappuccino!)  I just realized I was able to drink it without having massive heartburn afterward. Then, Matt brought Big Sis Larkyn to see her Baby Brudder. She met him right after he was born, but it was fleeting and pretty confusing her for. She still thought this Baby Brother character was my stomach, so she kissed my belly and ignored the human baby.

I could hear her from down the hallway, making friends with the nurses who gave her a BIG SISTER sticker. Then, the official meeting took place...

This might be my favorite picture of all time.

They stayed for as long as Larkyn could handle it. She called the nurse station twice, watched Dora, and loved playing with the bed controls. Because we have spent so much time at the hospital together (my doctor's office is located here), she has grown to actually enjoy it!

Alyson came later in the afternoon and offered to take some pictures of us. Welcome to the world, little man!

Rhys' Birth Story

I can't believe he is here. In a way, it feels like I was pregnant forever. I don't mean that in a negative way, just that I got used to that way of life and now everything is foreign in this land of non-pregnancy. Kristy and I talked about this (since our boys are 10 days apart). We are simultaneously thankful that they are here on Earth and we finally get to meet them, but a tiny part of us already misses the comfort of them in our bellies. Maybe we are weird.

Anyway, my snugglebug is here and I wanted to record everything I can remember from his entrance into the world.

On Monday (3/17), Matt and I started the day by taking Larkyn out for doughnuts (her favorite activity in the world). It was a freezing cold day! We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house (both of us got in on the nesting action) and relaxing to prepare for the long night ahead.
totally out of focus because I used the timer. But you get the gist.
My mom picked up Larkyn after her nap, and without her around, I suddenly became a little nervous and stir crazy. I felt some panic and uncertainty about the induction for sure. With our bags packed and a million well-wishing texts from friends and family, we left the house early and went out to dinner. I was craving some light pasta, so we went to Piada and ran a few errands before getting to Riverside Methodist Hospital to check in at 6:30 PM.

Luckily, they accepted us early and we headed to Room 17, our labor and delivery suite for the night. I remember everyone who came into the room apologizing because it was the "weird" room. It is smaller than the rest and set up backwards. The hospital is under construction and 3/17 was a VERY busy night at the hospital, so we drew the short straw I guess!  I didn't care. It was clean, updated, and where my son would be it was perfect.

Our nurse Nikki began her shift at 7:00 PM, so were excited that she would be with us for the birth. She and I quickly became BFFs, discussing the missing Malaysian Flight 370, The Voice, and sassy toddler girls.

We started the Pitocin drip at 7:45 PM. I was dilated to 3 cm, which was where I was the week before, even after contracting for 2 weeks. I was a little disappointed to hear that, but it was better than coming in at 0 and having to take measures to even dilate at all (which I have heard from friends is horrendous). Matt settled in with his laptop stocked with Seinfeld episodes and I began texting friends to update them. We were very comfortable for the next several hours, monitoring my contractions and easing the pain with Nubane.

Every hour, Nikki would come in and explain where we were in the process. Every hour, the news stayed the same. My contractions were not strong enough and I was not dilating. I stayed at a 3 until 2:45 AM, when they decided to give me the epidural in preparation to break my water and get things moving.

My nurse anesthetist was hysterical. Talk about sassy!  She had all kinds of theories about the missing airplane and had no problem telling me to shape up and relax, otherwise the epidural wouldn't work. I had no choice but to stay still...she demanded it. I will fully admit that with both my children, the epidural has been the scariest part for me. Something about the vulnerability of my SPINE in someone's hands with a needle. Anyway, I jumped a few times and got some stinging in my back muscles, but she did an awesome job.

At 3:00 AM, they broke my water and we were anticipating having a baby soon after. But, every hour once again, Nikki had the same news to share. I was at 3-4 centimeters and my contractions were actually getting weaker.

At 7:00 AM, Nikki's shift was over. That was when my cheerful attitude changed a bit and I started getting worried and upset. I was sad that she wouldn't be there, nervous that I might need a C-Section, and of course, just getting tired of the whole situation. And honestly, I was starting to regret that we elected to do an induction.

But then our good luck charm walked in the door. Nikki brought in the nurse who would be replacing her, and as soon as I saw her, I about burst into tears. It was the same nurse who delivered Larkyn 3 years ago! Out of all the nights and all the nurses, I couldn't believe it. Bree got caught up on the situation and got started trying to figure out what the hold up was. First up, my favorite thing, another cervix check.

During the check, she eventually felt that baby's head was not face down, but turned to the side. That was not enough pressure to make strong contractions, so we needed him to change position. They flipped me on one side, then to another. Had me stand, sit straight up, and were JUST about to have me get on my hands and knees (which I was not looking forward to). 

At 9:30 AM, everything came to a screeching halt when Bree did (YET AGAIN) another check. She called another nurse in to confirm:  I had a second bag of water hiding behind baby. They broke that one and instead of it being "scant" like the first one, let's just say this one was more productive.

They had us call my parents, I got a booster epidural, and immediately, things were set in motion.

at 10:50 AM, I had gone from 4 cm to 8 cm.

At 11:30 AM, I was at 10 cm and my doctor was called. The room was prepped, my Mother in Law went behind the magic curtain, and Matt assumed his position beside me.

Bree started my pushes and my doctor arrived after push 2.

On push 5, at 12:25 PM, Rhys Christoper Osborne was born.

It sounds like a long, terrible night, but we were really very comfortable and no one was in distress. For 12 hours, it was really uneventful!  Had we known about my crazy second water to break, Rhys probably would have been born the night before. But in the end, we got a healthy baby and I was blessed to have a second easy labor.

I am so thankful for the nurses and doctors who helped us both that night. More stories to come...


I woke up at 5:15 this morning with a crushing feeling made up of guilt, panic, and scrambling to try to solve a problem.

Today is my daughter's last day as an only child, and I did not realize this until very late last night when I flippantly said it and suggested we go get doughnuts.

The truth is, now that I think about it during my clearest time of day with no one else around, I have to stop myself from crying every time I type another sentence.

The last 10 days have been hell, as I'm sure I've mentioned. Physically, Baby O's birth cannot get here fast enough. So of course, mentally, I have been affected as well. My mom has stepped in big time to help me with Larkyn when all I can do is lay there and stare at the pile of things that need to be done because moving my body is sometimes just...impossible.  Of course, it's not all day every day. I get half a day's worth of feeling good. But I feel like I haven't used it wisely.

I have been running errands, cleaning, packing, getting things ready for Larkyn's birthday party. I know it is a month away, but invitations, people, invitations!  My patience has been short with her, and she too has been going through some growing pains of her own.

Getting her dressed takes almost 2 people to catch her, a promise of some sort of "special treat" if she gets dressed, and feeling like we've run a marathon when she finally has an ensemble on her body. Bath time all of a sudden results in Child Protective Services-worthy screams and flailing. The nightly routine of sitting on the potty before bed has become a battle of wills that has ended up in peeing all over the floor as soon as we get down from the potty because we "don't have to go".

Do you think she can sense big change is coming? Is this a rebellion of some sort?  As frustrated as I get, I wonder if she really does understand what is about to happen.

Since I woke up, I've wanted to go into her room, scoop her up, and tell her everything. Tell her mommy is sorry for being impatient. For having a "sick belly" so we can't play outside. That I'm still going to love her just as much when I'm busy with the baby and doing things with him during "her" time. Why do I feel like I'm losing her?  I know these are normal feelings but I'm all of a sudden really sad and now, and the tears are full force.

How do we balance them both, so that each child feels loved? What can I do to make her feel like she will always be my heart?

I hear her waking up now. It's going to be a big day...

Getting ready for the big day

I have lots of news to share.

First, I tried to rally and come in to teach on Tuesday afternoon, because "my afternoons were a lot easier than mornings". Ha. As soon as I texted my sub and told her that, my happy go lucky feelings went away and I felt like hell again. It was during those 3 hours with my classes that I decided this was enough.

So, I am done teaching until May. The only thing I remember about being with my afternoon class that day is that a particular conversation I was having with them that was starting going in the direction of "where will the baby come out?" and I did what any good kindergarten teacher does and quickly did a song and dance to change the subject. Literally. I jumped up and said "I HOPE he comes out like this..."


Next, check out what my mom and I made for the kids. I knew I wanted a matching set, but wasn't paying $60 (!) for the set I liked on Etsy. So, it wasn't too hard to follow this tutorial and make them ourselves. I did the lettering and mom did the buttons and stitching. I am in love. This is what happens when you set the bar low the second time around and commit to only making ONE DIY project for the baby!

That's a little hairbow I made. I just looked up "fabric scrap hair clips" on etsy and with a glue gun, this was so easy to replicate. Sorry, etsy. Again.

And LAST, I'm packing my hospital bags and getting ready for Baby O's birthday, which we now have on the calendar!!  After lots of discussion with my doctor and friends and family who have been induced, we will be going in on Monday night to start the process.

It wasn't an easy decision, but it will work for us this time around. We had an induction set for Larkyn, and I ended up having her on my own. So, that may also happen. However it happens, we are ready to meet our long-legged wiggle worm and I am ready to say goodbye to the daily session of knockout contractions.

Anyone care what I'm packing?  Just in case, here's the deal this time around:
    • Rolling suitcase instead of heavy, bottomless tote or duffle. 
    • Cameras, cords and batteries
    • Laptop and cords. Gotta keep in touch and download pics ASAP, you know:)
    • Snack bag (this was the hardest part for me because I am not a huge packaged-snack fan. I might enlist my dad, the vacation Snack King, to bring some fresh fruits, drinks, cheese, etc. Is a chocolate fountain going too far?
    • Makeup and toiletries. I remember it being the loveliest shower I ever took after I had Larkyn.
    • Clothes, obviously. I am so sick of all of them. I don't want to buy anything new, but looking at the gray PJ set from 3 years ago is a little depressing. I'm ready for bright colors again!
    • Baby's bag is much simpler this time:  3 outfits (2 NB, one 0-3 just in case), 3 hats, a blanket, and maybe I should throw a bib and burp cloth in there.
    • Playlist. Last time around, we were in active labor when we arrived and didn't have time to mess around with this. Here are some of my tunes to get settled, get happy, and meet baby:

    What am I missing?  What did you take with you that was a must-have?  And any last minute advice?  

    I feel calm. And ready to meet my son.

    My Godson has arrived!

    Because I didn't grow up with a brother or sister at home, and friends kind of go in and out of life, I have one person who has been a constant my entire life. She and I have shared clothes, traveled the country, been through awful life moments, laughed until we have cried, and now she has become a mother.

    My niece Kristy has always been the biggest kid-magnet I know. She was put on this earth to be a mom, and I am so happy that the moment came on Saturday, when Henry Joseph was born.

    It has been amazing to have a baby-buddy just a phone call or text away. After sharing so many things in life, it doesn't get much better than sharing the birth of our baby boys!

    Congratulations and I love you guys!

    How to really turn your day around

    For the last 5 days, I have been a little confused about just what the hell is going on with my body. With Larkyn, I went all the way to her due date without feeling anything remotely close to labor.  And then it only lasted a day and out she came. But every day since Wednesday, I have gotten bouts of "something" for several hours, literally knocking me off my feet and escalating to where I think I might burst out of my skin.

    Because the pain (in the abdomen and back) couldn't be timed or tracked, it was just constant, it has been a bit of a mystery. When you work in an environment of 95% women (caring women, at that!), a lot of conjectures will be made. One of which was that I was certainly dehydrated....and so I guess I took that a little seriously. Throughout the week, everyone was on me to drink water and watch for signs of dehydration.

    I woke up at 12:30 AM this morning with the pains, and by about 5, I was getting worried that I really was dehydrated. It hurt so bad and the only thing I could compare it to was my contractions with Larkyn. But again, nothing could be timed and the pain has a constant vicegrip on my body.  After telling Matt and my mom, "I need to go to the hospital. But not to have a baby." (both were quite disappointed), we got out of the house ASAP. Seriously, every sense in my body was bothering me. Every sound, light, touch, smell...ugh.

    I had no idea what I was going to tell the admittance people at the hospital. I was embarrassed to not really know why I was there other than I couldn't take another hour of pain. It went something like this...", no I'm not in labor. I just. I just am in the worst pain ever and am afraid I'm dehydrated or that I have an intestinal bug or something..." Luckily, the ladies were so sweet and let me right in.

    After a few lovely tests, exams (seriously, cervix checks...can they invent a better way?), and monitors, surprise!  I was not even close to being dehydrated. But I was having contractions 3 minutes apart. We got really excited for about 10 minutes. Then the resident came in and explained. Apparently they could see my contractions and that was the pain I was feeling. But this kind of contraction is "unproductive" and I was not really in labor. Just feeling like it. So...they'd watch for another hour and then send me home.

    Meanwhile, all I could think about was "I canceled my day of pampering for THIS!?" I had 3 fabulous dates arranged with my girlfriends to do brunch, blowouts, and pedicures. When we left the house at 7:30 AM, I was sure I'd be sitting in a hospital room with a fluid drip to fix me instead of with my head in a bowl of amazing shampoo. So I told the girls to go without me or cancel.

    My discharge orders were that I'll probably experience this until he is born and that I can manage pain with a rice sock (my new BFF) and Tylenol (which may or may not do anything!)  I just need to wait until these become regular and in waves, which I am familiar with. Then we should be good to go. Until then...I am in for some rough days. There is no way I can teach through this, but I hope I can get back to school a few times this week to say goodbye and wrap some things up.

    I can do it. Right?  10 days. I guess if I know it is coming and that it will subside, I can push through it.

    Anyway, so at 10:30, we were headed home and I was on the mend. Starting to turn the corner after hour 10. So I called Julie. By a serendipitous stroke of luck, the Blowout Bar and Nail Club didn't open until noon, so she hadn't canceled yet.

    Matt stopped for doughnuts on our way home (part of my therapy:), and then Julie and I jetted over to the Blowout Bar just in time for our appointments. The decor and environment caught my attention as soon as I walked in. White, distressed wood and pops of aqua...only my favorite color scheme!  Clean and bright, inviting and comfortable. We met our stylists, got to pick from the style menu (on an iPad), and off we went to the shampoo bowls.

    Laying back into a shampoo bowl is always a little uncomfortable to me. I actually came thisclose to passing out in one when I was pregnant with Larkyn!  But at the Blowout Bar, the shampoo bowl adjusts to meet your neck so that you aren't in that forced position. The products smelled amazing and Josh explained each product as he used them (hello, Angel Wash-you are amazing). He asked about water temperature and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way.

    I decided on a cross between the Flirtini/Bahama Mama style. This involved loose curls but not quite "beachy", because I wanted the curls to last a bit longer. How long do you spend drying your hair?  I average less than 10 minutes...probably closer to 5 because I am so impatient!  When you get a blowout, they dry your hair one section at a time for at least 30 minutes.  And although I couldn't really talk to Julie over the sound of the dryers, we enjoyed watching Bridesmaids and indulging in the sweet platter that the salon coordinator brought out to us. We thought it was just a normal thing, but apparently it was a gift from a local bakery that she just thought she would share with us. She thought right! 
    No joke, my baby kicked or flopped so hard that Julie jumped during this picture!

    Josh moved on to the curls, using a curling wand that now I really want. I was afraid he would burn his fingers off with the careful and intricate curling he was doing, but he was just fine. He explained each step and answered all my questions, and when we were finished, displayed all the products he used. I ended up getting a can of the dry shampoo because I've always wanted to try it. I'll let you know how that goes.
    No special event here-- just fancy hair for camping out on the couch.

    I was so happy with my hair and just feeling like a normal person again. If you live in Columbus, give it a try for your next special event or just to make yourself feel all ladylike again. I think $35 is a fabulous pricepoint for a treat like this!

    We headed to the Nail Club for our pedicures. I am usually drawn to purpley-pinks and was actually looking for the exact same color I had when I had Larkyn (superstitious, anyone?) When I couldn't find it, I went rogue and picked a bright coral by Zoya. Now Julie and I could really catch up next to each other while our nail techs took care of us. If you have had a baby, you know that the belly majorly impedes accessibility to your feet, so a pedicure is a must before you give birth!  We walked out with our awesome disposable flip flops into the still-snowy parking lot and are now fully ready for our SPRING babies (Come on, spring...any minute you feel like showing up now).

    Since we always have to involve food (and missed our brunch), we finished our day with Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. On a whim, I tried the pistachio, and oh MY will I be going back for more.

    So, what started out as a really crappy day ended as one of my favorite days. A good friend, the promise of a baby-to-be, and all things girly really made a difference. Thanks for everything, Julie!

    A happy little hurricane

    Right now, I am in my happy place, watching my favorite night of television of the WHOLE year. I can't miss the Red Carpet, and Matt has dutifully taken Larkyn to our room to watch Veggie Tales. Ahhh. A mug of hot chocolate awaits, and I can watch and write and feel more like myself.

    Because that is anything but how I have felt lately.

    Do you remember learning the term "eustress" in school? It is the stress that accompanies the good things in life. Like babies and moving. There is so much excitement surrounding it, but sometimes the tantamount to-do list can overshadow the cute fuzzy blankets and the daughter asking me to come build a tower or play with play doh.

    Our baby is full term and is expected in 17 days! 

    Things are happy here, but in constant motion. Nesting is in full-freaking-force. I packed Baby O's bag today, will begin mine this week, and have been packing boxes of our belongings to go in our crawl space in preparation for listing our house. I actually washed the kitchen floor today. Not "swiffered", but washed. Oooh la la.

    I have my report cards almost finished and wrote an 8 page guide for my long term sub. And made our first freezer meal (baked spaghetti!) And I am pretty proud of a cute project I made for my kids (2 of!)  My mom has to put the finishing touches on them so I don't destroy them, and then I'll share. 

    I've been alternating between an hour of full-out productivity, followed by being completely motionless, praying that I can fall asleep. I never can. I am stunned by the number of women who, when saying goodbye for the day or who have simply just met me in the aisle of Target, suggest I just "go home and put my feet up!"  I'm not sure what planet they are living on where this is possible. Nature made this phase of pregnancy fast and furious because, HOLY CRAP THE BABY COULD BE HERE TOMORROW!  I know life will go on if he comes and things aren't the way I want them, but I just can't rest until everything is in its place. Try telling that to a man. Ha.

    I think I cried twice this week. He could tell you. I'm not mad or depressed or really anything but 9 months pregnant. You didn't like my dinner? That is enough. The toybox I just carefully arranged is now all over the floor? Crying is simply the only option.

    Like I said, we are good. This little bundle of eustress is going to be here and, really, nothing else in life is like being an expectant mother. It will all be over soon and this happy little hurricane of nesting/packing/working/planning will evolve.

    I'm not sure what the point of this was, other than to catch you up on where I am in life. Because next time we catch up, it might be with a birth announcement!

    PS- Can we talk about Jared Leto?  How is someone gorgeous as both a man and a woman? And how does his hair look better than mine?  We are pulling for Dallas Buyers Club over here, as well as those crazy kids from American Hustle! 
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