A happy little hurricane

Right now, I am in my happy place, watching my favorite night of television of the WHOLE year. I can't miss the Red Carpet, and Matt has dutifully taken Larkyn to our room to watch Veggie Tales. Ahhh. A mug of hot chocolate awaits, and I can watch and write and feel more like myself.

Because that is anything but how I have felt lately.

Do you remember learning the term "eustress" in school? It is the stress that accompanies the good things in life. Like babies and moving. There is so much excitement surrounding it, but sometimes the tantamount to-do list can overshadow the cute fuzzy blankets and the daughter asking me to come build a tower or play with play doh.

Our baby is full term and is expected in 17 days! 

Things are happy here, but in constant motion. Nesting is in full-freaking-force. I packed Baby O's bag today, will begin mine this week, and have been packing boxes of our belongings to go in our crawl space in preparation for listing our house. I actually washed the kitchen floor today. Not "swiffered", but washed. Oooh la la.

I have my report cards almost finished and wrote an 8 page guide for my long term sub. And made our first freezer meal (baked spaghetti!) And I am pretty proud of a cute project I made for my kids (2 of them..kids!)  My mom has to put the finishing touches on them so I don't destroy them, and then I'll share. 

I've been alternating between an hour of full-out productivity, followed by being completely motionless, praying that I can fall asleep. I never can. I am stunned by the number of women who, when saying goodbye for the day or who have simply just met me in the aisle of Target, suggest I just "go home and put my feet up!"  I'm not sure what planet they are living on where this is possible. Nature made this phase of pregnancy fast and furious because, HOLY CRAP THE BABY COULD BE HERE TOMORROW!  I know life will go on if he comes and things aren't the way I want them, but I just can't rest until everything is in its place. Try telling that to a man. Ha.

I think I cried twice this week. He could tell you. I'm not mad or depressed or really anything but 9 months pregnant. You didn't like my dinner? That is enough. The toybox I just carefully arranged is now all over the floor? Crying is simply the only option.

Like I said, we are good. This little bundle of eustress is going to be here and, really, nothing else in life is like being an expectant mother. It will all be over soon and this happy little hurricane of nesting/packing/working/planning will evolve.

I'm not sure what the point of this was, other than to catch you up on where I am in life. Because next time we catch up, it might be with a birth announcement!

PS- Can we talk about Jared Leto?  How is someone gorgeous as both a man and a woman? And how does his hair look better than mine?  We are pulling for Dallas Buyers Club over here, as well as those crazy kids from American Hustle! 

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