Getting ready for the big day

I have lots of news to share.

First, I tried to rally and come in to teach on Tuesday afternoon, because "my afternoons were a lot easier than mornings". Ha. As soon as I texted my sub and told her that, my happy go lucky feelings went away and I felt like hell again. It was during those 3 hours with my classes that I decided this was enough.

So, I am done teaching until May. The only thing I remember about being with my afternoon class that day is that a particular conversation I was having with them that was starting going in the direction of "where will the baby come out?" and I did what any good kindergarten teacher does and quickly did a song and dance to change the subject. Literally. I jumped up and said "I HOPE he comes out like this..."


Next, check out what my mom and I made for the kids. I knew I wanted a matching set, but wasn't paying $60 (!) for the set I liked on Etsy. So, it wasn't too hard to follow this tutorial and make them ourselves. I did the lettering and mom did the buttons and stitching. I am in love. This is what happens when you set the bar low the second time around and commit to only making ONE DIY project for the baby!

That's a little hairbow I made. I just looked up "fabric scrap hair clips" on etsy and with a glue gun, this was so easy to replicate. Sorry, etsy. Again.

And LAST, I'm packing my hospital bags and getting ready for Baby O's birthday, which we now have on the calendar!!  After lots of discussion with my doctor and friends and family who have been induced, we will be going in on Monday night to start the process.

It wasn't an easy decision, but it will work for us this time around. We had an induction set for Larkyn, and I ended up having her on my own. So, that may also happen. However it happens, we are ready to meet our long-legged wiggle worm and I am ready to say goodbye to the daily session of knockout contractions.

Anyone care what I'm packing?  Just in case, here's the deal this time around:
    • Rolling suitcase instead of heavy, bottomless tote or duffle. 
    • Cameras, cords and batteries
    • Laptop and cords. Gotta keep in touch and download pics ASAP, you know:)
    • Snack bag (this was the hardest part for me because I am not a huge packaged-snack fan. I might enlist my dad, the vacation Snack King, to bring some fresh fruits, drinks, cheese, etc. Is a chocolate fountain going too far?
    • Makeup and toiletries. I remember it being the loveliest shower I ever took after I had Larkyn.
    • Clothes, obviously. I am so sick of all of them. I don't want to buy anything new, but looking at the gray PJ set from 3 years ago is a little depressing. I'm ready for bright colors again!
    • Baby's bag is much simpler this time:  3 outfits (2 NB, one 0-3 just in case), 3 hats, a blanket, and maybe I should throw a bib and burp cloth in there.
    • Playlist. Last time around, we were in active labor when we arrived and didn't have time to mess around with this. Here are some of my tunes to get settled, get happy, and meet baby:

    What am I missing?  What did you take with you that was a must-have?  And any last minute advice?  

    I feel calm. And ready to meet my son.


    Keith and Julie said...

    Yay! Yay! Baby O's arrival is set. Woohoo! I am jumping and singing just like Michigan J. Frog! I am praying for you and know the time is short now to meet this big guy.

    Schneider 4.0 said...

    Baby book? I remember getting started on that while I was lounging around. :)

    Slippers or cozy socks for any walking around. Robe if you're a robe person.

    Yay for Baby O!

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