Hello, world!

Our stay at the hospital was just as fantastic as it was with Larkyn. I am writing this while Rhys is playing with his friends in the nursery for a little bit. This is an amazing place where I can truly appreciate the kindness of others and ease into real life with a newborn.

After the delivery, we settled in to our recovery room. The nurses were so sweet to my boy while bathing him. My mom stayed for a few hours, and we had our first visitors!  Ann, Brenda, and Jill all came to see us. I was feeling good and Rhys slept the whole time.

That night, I woke up with contractions (surprise--those happen AFTER birth too, and are 100x worse than the ones before the birth. Come ON, Mother Nature!). I was sobbing and frustrated that this was happening again, and my awesome nurse Pam was there for me. They took Rhys to the nursery for the night and got me the meds I needed to calm it all down. I can't believe the things the nurses will do for patients, and for that, I brought them a small token of thanks...

I made the tags by using a "label" overlay on Picmonkey, finding a fox clipart, and putting both together in Word. And of course, added the Reese's egg as a play on words. I know, hilarious. I wasn't sure if the nurses would take them. Not only did they accept them, they were really thankful for the treat!

On Wednesday morning, Aunt Shannon came to meet her new nephew (and to bring me a cappuccino!)  I just realized I was able to drink it without having massive heartburn afterward. Then, Matt brought Big Sis Larkyn to see her Baby Brudder. She met him right after he was born, but it was fleeting and pretty confusing her for. She still thought this Baby Brother character was my stomach, so she kissed my belly and ignored the human baby.

I could hear her from down the hallway, making friends with the nurses who gave her a BIG SISTER sticker. Then, the official meeting took place...

This might be my favorite picture of all time.

They stayed for as long as Larkyn could handle it. She called the nurse station twice, watched Dora, and loved playing with the bed controls. Because we have spent so much time at the hospital together (my doctor's office is located here), she has grown to actually enjoy it!

Alyson came later in the afternoon and offered to take some pictures of us. Welcome to the world, little man!

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Nana said...

Precious story, precious pictures! Thanks Alyson for capturing these wonderful moments!

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