Kindness is...

...a friend who comes with her Swiffer to clean YOUR floor and with your favorite chicken salad because lunch just doesn't exist these days.

...a mom who will meet you at Babies R Us and the grocery store just to make sure the baby carrier can get from the car to your cart without you having to lift it. Even if the rude cart collector says "Shame on you for making your mom carry that!" Does he really want to know what a postpartum ripped stitch would be like??  (also, she has done some heinous loads of laundry in the last week)

...a collective "Hang in there" on social media when it is evident that reality has hit

...a husband who takes you out to breakfast and dinner on the same day because he knows you love to go out to eat and it is his last day of leave. Even if it means he will not get to eat much of his dinner and will have to patiently say "sit down" and "don't spill it" 500 times.

...a friend who volunteers to take your toddler to the indoor playground for the morning. And fills up your empty gas tank on the way.

...a big sister who rocks and tucks her little brother in when he's crying, even though that makes him cry harder. It's the thought that counts, right?

...friends who send a birthday wish, reminding you that "Oh yeah, I have a birthday."

...a sister in law who takes Larkyn across town to her house for the morning to play with her cousin

...friends who took time from their family to come visit in the hospital

...a sister who sends 2 boxes of boy clothes the second Rhys is born, collected from all the little boys in our family

...a friend who takes pictures of you and your baby because you never get to be in any photos

...a friend who unexpectedly reaches out in an email to congratulate you

...a blog friend who just had her second baby and just gets it

...a friend who sorts through and labels bags of baby clothes that are taking over the house

...a friend who sets up meals to be delivered, and all those friends who have dropped off or will be dropping off thoughtful meals 

...a niece with her own newborn boy who is always at the other end of the phone with answers or just an understanding heart

...a European inventor (or mom, most likely) who created Gripe Water

...a friend who brings you Starbucks and good conversation and doesn't turn and run when you open the door in your disgusting bathrobe. I'm still working on getting myself ready before the kids!

...a friend who leaves her 3 boys to come cuddle with yours while you take that elusive shower

...two beautiful kids who, by some act of God, are napping at the same time

I am overwhelmed by the kindness that has been shown since I became a mom of two. I am so lucky to have friends and family like you, and I won't forget it. Now, maybe I can sneak in a little nap ;)

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Nana said...

Your overflowing Kindness blog fills my heart with pride. It has been a hectic 2 weeks and you have managed to land on your feet! You are doing a wonderful job, Momma. I love you!

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