Rediscovering Superpowers

In the last 8 days, I have been reminded of the super powers we parents receive with a newborn. Now a newborn plus a toddler (that's extra pixie dust, right?) Without these powers, moms and dads everywhere would either be laying on the floor in a puddle of their own tears (or worse) and children would be running through the streets with dirty diapers, looking for the next adult to take down.

The ability to pour a perfect one ounce shot into a bottle as if you've been a bartender for years. fall asleep on a 4 foot toddler mattress for a blessed 2 minutes while said toddler performs some sort of STOMP routine

 Remember these guys?  If they are looking for a new performer, I know one. clean a baby bath tub and adult tub after sweet baby's first tub bath, which he finally decided was his toilet of choice...without puking your guts out be interested in and read in it's entirety, this article telepathically tell your toddler that, for the love of God, if you stay in bed without getting out during naptime, you can have a whole bag of Hershey Hugs. After 2 hours of practicing the high jump off the toddler bed and gleefully dancing around her room, it works. And only required 2 Hugs. sit in a lap-full of spit up (we are talking almost an entire bottle) for the sake of baby's comfort while he finishes the rest of the bottle order more carryout food than ever imaginable

 Only our kitchen is still not clean. Oops. wash a screaming toddler's hair in a nano-second to This is Matt's specialty.


Having two has been interesting. For the most part, our days aren't too chaotic. But, when Rhys cries, Larkyn immediately cries too. Which is awesome. So, my priority?  Happy Baby= Happy House. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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