The first days home

Home as a family of four!

It has been interesting. Nothing too dramatic, but it definitely, DEFINITELY is a team effort. My friends told me that the biggest adjustments would have to be made by Matt, and that is true. When my hands are full, changing Rhys' outfit for the 4th time in a day (how quickly I forgot about that!) and Larkyn wants milk, he has to jump in.  And he has, thank goodness.

Big sis has had some moments. She is interested in her baby brother and hasn't said or done anything to make us think she's jealous. But she's not going to sleep as easily, has a few more meltdowns than usual, and has this fun new habit of talking over whoever is talking so that her voice can be heard. It all makes sense. We all get it...but it does require quite a bit of patience.

Rhys is settling in well. Pretty much all he does is sleep!  He likes his car seat, the Rock and Play, and being snuggled in fluffy blankets. He despises having his diaper changed, just like Larkyn (and probably all newborns?)  It could be because I am not used to the boy diaper changes, there is the circumcision wound, and the belly button to not bump with the diaper. Lots to deal with down there!  He was drinking 1/2-1 ounce when we first got home, but on his 3rd day, he went up to 3 ounces all of a sudden.

Each night has been different. He is sleeping in our room in the Rock and Play. Last night (night 3), he finished feeding at 1:00 and slept until 6:00. I thought that was pretty good. Thank goodness I have been able to get some naps in to compensate.

The house is a mess. Babies come with a lot of stuff, and combined with Larkyn's trail of toys, it looks like a tornado came through. I try to keep it from getting cluttered, but I overdid it today and have been paying for it all day.

This week, I'm looking forward to our newborn photos, the first pediatrician visit, a few visits from friends, and Larkyn starting back into the routine with her sitter and friends. So far, so good!

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