The name

It was very easy to name Larkyn. I had the name ready to use for years, and Matt liked it too. So we knew from the beginning that if we had a girl, that would be her name. It was fun keeping it a secret and letting everyone know when she was born.  If she was a boy, Matt had suggested the name Rhys.

When we found out that we would be having a boy this time, I said as we left the ultrasound office "Well, we already have a name, so that was easy!" When Matt replied, "We do?", it was the beginning of a long, indecisive 6 months!

I wanted a name that was unique. Not wacky, but different and classy, I guess. We added Rhys to a list that I kept in a notebook. The other contenders?
  • Ford
  • Gray
  • Wells 
  • Reeves
Some of my favorites fell out of the running for various reasons, like any name beginning with "H" (initials would be HO) and I liked Lincoln (Lincoln & Larkyn = too close). 

It came down to Ford and Rhys for the last few months. Actually until the week he was born, I still couldn't decide. There is an imagery attached to Ford. People do not process that name without thinking of the car, right?  I wasn't sure I wanted that. But on the other hand, Rhys can be a girl's name and I wondered if people would think it was girly. But by spelling it the traditional Welsh way, we hoped to avoid that. I read way too many articles and posts about the name, and it is, indeed a boy's name. See?

 Rece Davis, ESPN commentator, is a fixture in our house

 Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Irish Actor

Rhys Ifans, Welsh actor, and actually from whom Matt got the name idea in one of
his favorite movies, Pirate Radio

I also like that it begins with an R, like both his grandpas.  Christopher is to honor one of my brothers who passed away before I was born. So, like our daughter, our son has a traditional family name as a middle name.

It is also worth noting that when Kristy sent me a photo of the Oh Henry candy bar thank you gifts she made for the nurses, I about died when I realized we would both be naming our kids after chocolate bars. Classic.

So, that's his story. Around here though, he is affectionately known as Bubba, Baby Brother, and Sweetie Pie.


Nana said...

What a sweet story. Thank you for the honor.

Laynah said...

Wow, I've never heard of that name before, I love hearing other people's creative names. He is so precious I'm sure he'll own it!

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