Minnie's Ice Cream Shop 3rd Birthday

Although we have been busy at home with Baby Brother and getting our house ready to sell, I still wanted to give Larkyn a fun party to make her feel special for a day.

Several months ago, I scoured Pinterest for some birthday theme ideas. I passed a few by the birthday girl, including Monsters Inc., Yo Gabba Gabba, and "Ice Cream Minnie". Much to my delight, she chose the Minnie option, with a palette of light pink, black, and white.

Her birthday isn't until the 21st, but with Easter being next Sunday, this was her weekend to party with friends!  First thing, we booked the party room at Graeter's Ice Cream Factory. After finding lots of Minnie ideas and ice cream ideas, I took my ideas to Blueye Designs, where Jessica made the ideas into a custom party pack.

I took the printed flat invitation to JoAnns to find some matching bright pink cardstock. I folded it, scalloped the edges and used some baker's twine to be reminiscent of an awning.

She wasn't really excited about her party until we pulled up to Graeter's and she realized what was happening. Then, she was in party mode--running all over the playground and telling everyone it was her birthday (and later, having the rite of passage birthday meltdown at home).

I'll have to get a better shot of her shirt, which was from Hobby Lobby, with an iron-on from MaggiesCastle. Of course, stitched on by my mom:)

She had so much fun and we were so lucky to have such fabulous friends and family to come celebrate with my girl. She's going through some rough transitions right now, and this is just what she needed to feel special.

Here are the party details...

 Goodie Bags made with kraft bags, scrapbook paper, and the party circles mounted on scalloped scrapbook paper. Inside were bubbles, fruit snacks, and sidewalk chalk from Target

 I could have eaten all the fruit salads. These little cups (from GFS) are my favorite party trick to individually serve. Just add a sticker and voila!  Another trick?  Soak the chopped apples in a mix of 1 cup water/1 TB lemon juice and they won't brown.

 Chopped veggies with ranch in the bottom. Nut cups are from Smidge and Pinch.

 These little waters were one of my favorite parts!  I used double stick tape on printer paper (rather than printing a label)

 The pink tray has bags of Cape Cod Kettle Chips because...are there really any other chips worth eating? 

 My mom is getting so good at making cupcakes!  Half of them had Minnie ears and bows from BabyForever. I made the menu cards with paper from my party pack, adhesive chalkboard labels, and a white paint pen (chalkboard pens are much more expensive and I wasn't planning on erasing and reusing $3 labels)

 This little beauty was a steal at $9 from Giant Eagle. I just asked for their standard white 5" cake with "rosettes" on it. So simple, so girly. I made the banner with scrapbook paper, cake pop sticks, twine, and some careful tracing of circles to make Minnie heads.

 Don't you love Simply Lemonade Raspberry lemonade?  It is one of our favorites. The drink dispenser is from Target. The balloon bouquets are from Smidge and Pinch (9.75 for the balloons. You return the jars with the gumballs).

 My girl, getting shy as everyone started singing. Also, the staff had already set up the room with their colorful plates, balloons, etc. Rather than take it all off and replace with my pink and white (you will be proud of me)...I let it go. The sweet party attendant put a lot of work into setting it up and cleaning it up.

 Squirmy McWigglepants couldn't sit still for a picture, but this does represent her personality!
 These were on the party table, but I thought they deserved better lighting!  Mom put florist foam in the bottom, I bought 3 bouquets at Giant Eagle, and dad spray painted and stuck Minnie's head together. Absolutely loved these.

And continuing a tradition, all her party guests signed a book. She loved her "If you give a dog a donut" book from last year's Donuts & PJs party.

This was my cheerful, fun post about my oldest's birthday. I'm sure it will be followed up with more emotion as it gets closer to her actual THIRD birthday. Where has time gone?


Schneider 4.0 said...

Thanks for a fun party. Even better?...my daughter's been napping for 3 hours. That place really wore her out!

Nana said...

As always, you put together an awesome memory for Larkyn and the rest of us! Everything was spot on and it was a very enjoyable time for us all, including the Birthday Girl!

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