SIX on Saturday

So when you can't pull it together for Five on Friday and you have a great Saturday, this is what you do. Six on Saturday. Let's hear it for weekends!

I do love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but after that, I hate winter. I LOVE spring. Everything about it is pretty and flowers, new babies, SUN, butterflies, birds chirping. It wakes me up out of my winter hibernation and revitalizes me. How about you?  Here are a few things making me smile this weekend...


New recipes, like bird nest cookies and The Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee. The cookies were very easy and look adorable, but don't have a lot of flavor. The coffee just may replace my McDonald's habit!  Thanks for the recipe, Jill:)

 Impromptu Easter egg hunts with friends. My teacher friend Mara and her daughter Maggie came over for a little hunt, which was way better than 2000 people at once (and our eggs were filled with awesome things like fruit snacks, Lipsmackers chapstick, and candy here!)

 This week while Rhys has been napping, I have been cleaning like crazy. My playlist of Amercian Authors, 30 Seconds to Mars, GroupLove and Florence + The Machine have helped me focus on glamorous jobs like cleaning grout. Need something to put you in a good mood? Listen...

 I have rediscovered Carter's now that I have a boy. I have always loved their PJs, but their girl clothes never fit Larkyn for long and Gymboree is much more convenient for us. But their boy clothes this season are SO CUTE. I can't take it. Give me nautical-chill on my little guy any day. They had a great sale $6 shirts/$8 shorts and we could use a 20% coupon. Larkyn ended up with some play clothes too, of course. 

Just this guy. In his Easter PJs. Melt. 
Changing up some decor. I added Rhys to our gallery wall in place of some flower photos. And I pulled out all my Easter stuff. Don't worry, it won't all be used in one place (tablecloth is Threshold on sale at Target right now...everything else I've had for years). Those are real hollowed out eggs that are hand painted (not by me).

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Nana said...

Love the little girls sitting and discussing their treasures in the eggs. And Rhys in his Easter pj's? Too much! So sweet!!!!

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