I've been looking through my photo archives starting on April 21, 2011. The day my life started.

We brought Larkyn home the night before Easter, so this holiday holds a special place for me.  I had no idea what I was doing...I thought I was prepared from years of babysitting. Ha. I took a bazillion pictures of every little thing she did.

She turns three today at 11:19 AM. I promised her she could play in the grocery store childcare (she's been fascinated with it for a few months, noting "I haffa be three!" every time we pass it). Well, babe, you're three and you can finally go in!  She wants a birthday cake and a candle, and she wants to eat McDonald's and go to the playground. Simple requests from our girl who makes us smile with something new every day.

When she is frustrated with something, it is like looking into a mirror. She is just like me with her tolerance for things that just aren't going her way. Matt got her a bike today and learning to pedal was quite representative of the fiery temper we share when we can't do something right the first time. So, Nana steps in...

A friend said yesterday, "I love Larkyn's enthusiasm for life!" Yes.

When I think too hard about her turning three, of course I get a little emotional. She is getting more independent every day and needing us less and less. But, I am more excited for the experiences she is about to have now that she is old enough...she's understanding holidays, remembering and loving her favorite people, and can tell us exactly what she wants/doesn't want. You'll notice that she picks out her shoes every day, often resulting in several pairs being worn in a day. She definitely has her favorites...

An interview with Larkyn:
Favorite color: "This is my favorite color!" (purple play-doh). "I don't like purple."
Favorite food: "cheese goldfish"
Favorite show: "GabbagabbaOnTV" (as opposed to on the iPad so that we ALL have to suffer:)
Favorite place: "Playground"
Fears: getting her hair washed and the Shop-Vac (if you come over, she will show it to you)
Loves: Being involved with baby brother, being outside, relaxing, talking, playing cars with daddy

Happy birthday, baby!

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