Playing catch up

I have never had a more whirlwind month than this one. I kept a very packed schedule in college, but it was always full of sorority activities, service projects, and schoolwork. Times have changed. Let's take a look by the numbers...

21- showings of our house
2- number of days before we had an offer
1- number of times we had an offer that backed out
14- number of days our house was on the market before we went into contract
5- number of showings AFTER we went into contract (one "second look" after they bought, one radon inspection, one home inspection, one termite inspection, and one radon pick-up)
15- number of days I had to go back to work while trying to keep a meticulous house and be somewhat of a mom/wife/teacher
4- houses we have looked at for ourselves
1- brand new air conditioners purchased when ours broke immediately upon dropping our list price
1- surgery needed for a luxating patella in a toy fox terrier from jumping off a bed when the pizza man arrived 

Getting our house ready to sell was not too bad. It is small, and just took a day or two of REALLY deep cleaning, packing up clutter, and a few trips to the storage unit we rented.

Hands-down, one of the most exhausting and annoying things in the entire world was the showings. I think I wrote an entire post about it and I'll stop complaining, but it was a special kind of hell. Those 5 appointments after the purchase were the worst I think, because we thought we were done. And one night, I thought it was the home inspection, so we all left for the 3 hour appointment. And the next night the inspector, buyers, and realtors showed up while Matt was home alone with everyone. Good times.

The home inspection turned up a long list of items that we never knew needed "remedied". Thank God, nothing big. Things like "tacking down flashing around water heater" and a broken spring in a window mechanism.  The inspector ordered an additional termite inspection, which made me cry (because...why not?) Amazingly after said inspector noted that he saw "flying termites" in our basement, the actual termite inspector said we were clear and those were drain flies. I truly learn something new every day.  For instance, radon...Oh, radon. We get to buy a radon mitigation system for this house as a farewell present. Really, by the time you work in all these fixes, you better have quite a bit of equity in your house to even make it worth the sale!  Luckily, we bought when the market was it its lowest and sold at its highest.

As far as finding our own new house, that has been a challenge. Housing inventory is so low right now, so we are having trouble finding something affordable in an area we love. I think we are close. More details (hopefully) soon...

Work has been fine, actually. The kids were excited to have me back and I had such a well-behaved group this year that coming back wasn't as traumatic as I thought. Thankfully, my mom is watching Rhys, so I don't have to worry about him while I'm gone. Report cards are due in a few days, and then we are out for summer!

Next steps??

We close on June 20th on our current home. Right now, the plan is to move into a rental house while we look for a home that fits the bill for us. It may not be the home we stay in for 20 years, but we hope it is close to where we live now, won't strain our budget, and will be a good place for our kids to grow and play for the next few years. If we go in under budget, we have some freedom to do a few wishlist items:

-hire painters
-hire movers
-create Larkyn'd big girl room
-create Rhys' nursery (finally!)
-pay off hospital bills (not fun, I know, but would save us a big monthly payment)

So that is where we stand right now. After I got the news about Zoe's surgery to fix her leg, I had to laugh (not at the expense of my injured dog). Like, what else could I possibly handle?  Hopefully we are facing all of this at once because better times are coming. Thanks for all the texts, comments, and words of support. I am excited to share more positive news in the coming months...


I am...

...happy to have a few minutes to write a post!

...getting used to these house showings. Tonight will be our 15th and 16th showings in 10 days. If no one makes an offer by the end of next week, down goes the price!

...a little depressed about God's cruelest joke: having to buy MORE clothes after a baby because of the awesome belly weight that is no longer cute without a baby in it. To mend my wounded soul, I had to throw in a toddler bathing suit.
Sorry, bad phone picture. All Target Mossimo and Merona shirts. Circo bathing suit. no way prepared to go back to work in less than a week. I missed the entire last trimester of grading the kids and have 3 new students I haven't even met. What a joyous 15 days this will be!

...loving this weather. I've probably said it a million times, but if I could live somewhere with sun, a breeze, and not 90 degree temps, I'd go.

...obsessed with this couple, their blog, and most of all, their Instagram feed. Their gorgeous parties are only made better by the fact that they work together. This guy knows his peonies from anemones and makes homemade cinnamon rolls?!  And don't even get me started on her hair and makeup.

...hating all the tragedies surrounding children this week. Throw in an extra thought or prayer for this family and also these girls please.

...proud of my kids!  We have had some rough evenings being displaced from our house and battling allergies and crankiness, but these 2 really pulled it together for a doctor visit yesterday. Larkyn got to do all the big kid stuff yesterday. I could not believe she did the eye test, got her finger pricked for her lead test, and other details I will spare you without a fuss. We celebrated with our first of many mommy-kid dates to Panera.

Have a great week! Here's to selling a small house with "awkward basement access"!

Just kidding!

Ohhhhh, just never write a post about something that is not set in stone. Thanks for your congratulatory emails and texts...I feel bad that they were met with the awesome news that our awesome buyers backed out.

We were eating a lovely pizza and finally relaxing last night around 5:30 when we got the text: "Showing requested tonight 7:00-8:00". Annoyed because we already had an offer, I still accepted it and began the process of clearing us out again.

Then David texted to say this was no ordinary showing, this was our "buyers" who wanted to come see the place one more time to make sure. GREAT. We started thinking of all the stuff they'd be looking at to make sure they wanted to meet our counter-offer. Suddenly, Matt was under the cabinets drilling, I was prancing around with odor neutralizer because of course it was 100% humidity and whose house smells fabulous in that?

We went nextdoor to the neighbors. Naturally, so I could see these people. They were in and out within 4 minutes. We weren't sure if that was good or bad. Turns out, it took THREE showings of our massive house for them to suddenly realize it is too small. Said the couple who is "downsizing".

So. That is where we are right now.

I shall leave you with our Easter pictures, which are totally unrelated but never got to be posted because of this house nonsense...

Easter basket fun:  a party pack of play doh, princess accessories, toothbrush and toothpaste, and Mo Willems books. If you don't know Mo Willems, get acquainted. 

 Oh, the captions that we could use on this one

 First bike her nightgown

 I wonder how long I am allowed to dress them in coordinating clothes?

 I have about 8 shots of this crew...all hilarious and "frameworthy". PS, guess who is obsessed with her red shoes? Thanks Amber:)

 Easter is thrilling.

 Someone is serious about her golf. Notice the shoe change.

My other favorite guy. Our attempts at a family photo are too ridiculous to show. So, the two well-behaved photo subjects get to be pictured. 

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