I am...

...happy to have a few minutes to write a post!

...getting used to these house showings. Tonight will be our 15th and 16th showings in 10 days. If no one makes an offer by the end of next week, down goes the price!

...a little depressed about God's cruelest joke: having to buy MORE clothes after a baby because of the awesome belly weight that is no longer cute without a baby in it. To mend my wounded soul, I had to throw in a toddler bathing suit.
Sorry, bad phone picture. All Target Mossimo and Merona shirts. Circo bathing suit. no way prepared to go back to work in less than a week. I missed the entire last trimester of grading the kids and have 3 new students I haven't even met. What a joyous 15 days this will be!

...loving this weather. I've probably said it a million times, but if I could live somewhere with sun, a breeze, and not 90 degree temps, I'd go.

...obsessed with this couple, their blog, and most of all, their Instagram feed. Their gorgeous parties are only made better by the fact that they work together. This guy knows his peonies from anemones and makes homemade cinnamon rolls?!  And don't even get me started on her hair and makeup.

...hating all the tragedies surrounding children this week. Throw in an extra thought or prayer for this family and also these girls please.

...proud of my kids!  We have had some rough evenings being displaced from our house and battling allergies and crankiness, but these 2 really pulled it together for a doctor visit yesterday. Larkyn got to do all the big kid stuff yesterday. I could not believe she did the eye test, got her finger pricked for her lead test, and other details I will spare you without a fuss. We celebrated with our first of many mommy-kid dates to Panera.

Have a great week! Here's to selling a small house with "awkward basement access"!

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Desiree said...

Who are those people and why are they so perfect?!?!?!?!! That taupe strapless dress?! I actually hollered out NO WAY! when I scrolled down! Such eye candy! I'm totally going to follow them on Instagram!

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