Just kidding!

Ohhhhh, just never write a post about something that is not set in stone. Thanks for your congratulatory emails and texts...I feel bad that they were met with the awesome news that our awesome buyers backed out.

We were eating a lovely pizza and finally relaxing last night around 5:30 when we got the text: "Showing requested tonight 7:00-8:00". Annoyed because we already had an offer, I still accepted it and began the process of clearing us out again.

Then David texted to say this was no ordinary showing, this was our "buyers" who wanted to come see the place one more time to make sure. GREAT. We started thinking of all the stuff they'd be looking at to make sure they wanted to meet our counter-offer. Suddenly, Matt was under the cabinets drilling, I was prancing around with odor neutralizer because of course it was 100% humidity and whose house smells fabulous in that?

We went nextdoor to the neighbors. Naturally, so I could see these people. They were in and out within 4 minutes. We weren't sure if that was good or bad. Turns out, it took THREE showings of our massive house for them to suddenly realize it is too small. Said the couple who is "downsizing".

So. That is where we are right now.

I shall leave you with our Easter pictures, which are totally unrelated but never got to be posted because of this house nonsense...

Easter basket fun:  a party pack of play doh, princess accessories, toothbrush and toothpaste, and Mo Willems books. If you don't know Mo Willems, get acquainted. 

 Oh, the captions that we could use on this one

 First bike ride...in her nightgown

 I wonder how long I am allowed to dress them in coordinating clothes?

 I have about 8 shots of this crew...all hilarious and "frameworthy". PS, guess who is obsessed with her red shoes? Thanks Amber:)

 Easter is thrilling.

 Someone is serious about her golf. Notice the shoe change.

My other favorite guy. Our attempts at a family photo are too ridiculous to show. So, the two well-behaved photo subjects get to be pictured. 

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Schneider 4.0 said...

We love Mo Willems! And I'm currently obsessed with aqua and red together--very vintage to me.

Good things will come...keep your head up lady!

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