Limbo lower now!

Well, we made it halfway. Today is Day 2 in the rental house, and although our world is a little upside down, we made it. We closed on our house on Friday and have been moving our endless amounts of belongings over here since. Matt made the final run this morning. And as of now, a happy little couple is moving into our "old" house.

Surprisingly, Larkyn has taken this easier than anyone. No questions asked, excited about the "Brown House" as she has dubbed it, and didn't even flinch at her mattress being on the floor. I guess if she doesn't mind that for 30 days, we will probably just leave it!

We are missing cable/internet right now. It makes for a pretty quiet, but pretty bored house at times. Thus the blog post by phone, which I've never done. And we decided to put our dining room set on the curb, so we are eating wherever we find a spot on the floor, at a toddler table, or on the couches in the lower level (basement), where Matt and I decided we would just camp out instead of moving our massive furniture into a bedroom.

This is a temporary home, but I'm going to try my best to make it a home, nonetheless!

Rhys is 3 months old! (and 2 months too!)

They've always said it would happen. That the second child doesn't get nearly as many photos and recordings of milestones as the first. They were right. I have the photos, they have just been living on my camera. Let's play catch-up, shall we?

With month two, we saw our first smiles and heard our first coos. We had full nights of sleep and a big boy of 11 pounds and 22.5 inches long. I ended my maternity leave at 8 weeks and he stayed with my mom while I was at work. This worked out perfectly, and I wasn't worried for a minute with her in charge of my sweet boy.

At 3 months...

Rhys smiles whenever he sees someone he recognizes after he wakes up. It is the best.  He is 13 lbs, 24 inches.

Sleep: After a doctor visit (to get the dreaded shots!!), the doctor suggested we stop letting him sleep upright overnight. He was sleeping so well in the carseat with the vent fan on in the kitchen! But the rock and play was not helping his head shape. So, he's been swaddled in a Halo Sleepsack swaddler for the last week and doing OK. He takes a morning nap and a long afternoon nap, and then goes to bed at 7:30.

Eating: The Enfamil Gentlease has been such a lifesaver. We've tried regular formula a few times, with disastrous consequences. He drinks a few 6 oz and a few 4 oz bottles a day.

Good news: He loves being outside and watching the leaves blow in the wind. Still enjoys baths, and also likes the jungle playmat (which Larkyn insists on getting under as well and making a tent over the top)

Bad news:  We've been keeping an eye on his noisy breathing. At our last doctor appointment last week, she referred us to Children's for an ENT visit. Lots of babies are born with breathing stridor and it often resolves on its own. She wants to make sure that if something is causing it (choices: paralyzed vocal cord, enlarged heart vein pushing on larynx, malformed larynx--awesome) that it is addressed. That appointment is on the 18th.

As I look at the pictures now, I can see that he lost and regained his hair at the same time Larkyn did. Poor fringey babies. I think it's time for some comparison photos this week!

Berry picking soothes the soul

Until we are moved into our new house, I'm done talking about it because apparently real estate is a fickle and unpredictable subject. Long story short: After a terrible (think worst case scenario) home inspection, we decided the home was not for us. The end. Let's move on...

I have been wanting to take Larkyn berry picking for 3 years now, and the weather finally cooperated!  We went to Jacquemin Farms in Dublin. What fun, cheap entertainment! Once I let go of the idea that she was going to pick "only red berries", things were much easier. I just let her do her thing, and she had a blast. So did Rhys...he slept through the entire thing until I put him in the car.

The details...
Jacquemin Farms is located on the edge of Dublin, easily accessed by 33 toward Marysville. Parking is free and is in the grass.

Their system is very organized. Your family is assigned to a row of plants, and that is where you do your picking. It goes pretty quickly, so I suggest packing a picnic to enjoy at the many picnic tables so that your experience isn't over so fast. I found all the staff to be very family friendly and sweet, and we can't wait to go back!

As you can see, berries are priced by the pound. You can buy a bucket to bring back every year for a discount (which we did, and then of course I have no idea where the bucket is). It would take a LOT of berries to fill this bucket, so I may just go for a smaller basket next time.

In Contract

You need to hear those words two times to be happy. Once when you sell your house, and once when you find a house you love and your offer is accepted.

I took a planned personal day on Thursday to watch the kids and give my mom a break from watching my kids for 2.5 weeks (thanks mom:)  I also needed it to work on report cards that were due the next morning.

For the last several months, any time Matt or I sit down with the computer (or phone or iPad), we automatically start looking for houses. When I opened my laptop to work on report cards, I did the usual house search. And there it was.

You could say we have a "type". This is the big brother to our current home (below). You can't see the big tree we have in front of our current home, but it is there. Only now we have a third bedroom and a huge basement to finish off for a play rooms (one for kids, one for Matt)

Tree-lined street and shaded backyard?  Check. 

Basement big enough for playing and storage?  Check. Behind the doors on the left is the other half. If you follow me on Pinterest, you've noticed I've been searching for ways to use the space under the stairs and in that weird alcove. I'm thinking a wall will go up right behind the alcove and Matt's area will be back there.

Lots of natural light?  Check.

I got ahold of my Realtor right away. We fell in love with a house in that neighborhood earlier in the week and were part of our first bidding war (and lost). Luckily, because I took the day off, we were able to get in by noon and submit an offer before most others even saw it. We learned from the last offer we made that we needed to go in strong and high, and this owner accepted without even countering. 
We are moving to a different part of town, which is a drawback for now because I know we will miss living in this area. But it is less than 10 miles away and is an area with fantastic schools and lots to do. We will be adjacent to Olde Worthington, which (in my opinion) is the best little downtown in Columbus. Walking distance to a farmers market, restaurants, ice cream shop, bakery, a toy store, stationery stores, the library, and even a "Village Green". I've never had a Village Green before. 

I have about a million projects planned for this house, which should give me more blogging material this summer. New paint in all the rooms, a big girl room for Larkyn, a nursery for Rhys, a playroom and maybe office in the basement, new kitchen floors, white cabinets, ohhhh the list will go on and on. It is exciting. 

Now, about where to stay for the 17 days between closings...

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