In Contract

You need to hear those words two times to be happy. Once when you sell your house, and once when you find a house you love and your offer is accepted.

I took a planned personal day on Thursday to watch the kids and give my mom a break from watching my kids for 2.5 weeks (thanks mom:)  I also needed it to work on report cards that were due the next morning.

For the last several months, any time Matt or I sit down with the computer (or phone or iPad), we automatically start looking for houses. When I opened my laptop to work on report cards, I did the usual house search. And there it was.

You could say we have a "type". This is the big brother to our current home (below). You can't see the big tree we have in front of our current home, but it is there. Only now we have a third bedroom and a huge basement to finish off for a play rooms (one for kids, one for Matt)

Tree-lined street and shaded backyard?  Check. 

Basement big enough for playing and storage?  Check. Behind the doors on the left is the other half. If you follow me on Pinterest, you've noticed I've been searching for ways to use the space under the stairs and in that weird alcove. I'm thinking a wall will go up right behind the alcove and Matt's area will be back there.

Lots of natural light?  Check.

I got ahold of my Realtor right away. We fell in love with a house in that neighborhood earlier in the week and were part of our first bidding war (and lost). Luckily, because I took the day off, we were able to get in by noon and submit an offer before most others even saw it. We learned from the last offer we made that we needed to go in strong and high, and this owner accepted without even countering. 
We are moving to a different part of town, which is a drawback for now because I know we will miss living in this area. But it is less than 10 miles away and is an area with fantastic schools and lots to do. We will be adjacent to Olde Worthington, which (in my opinion) is the best little downtown in Columbus. Walking distance to a farmers market, restaurants, ice cream shop, bakery, a toy store, stationery stores, the library, and even a "Village Green". I've never had a Village Green before. 

I have about a million projects planned for this house, which should give me more blogging material this summer. New paint in all the rooms, a big girl room for Larkyn, a nursery for Rhys, a playroom and maybe office in the basement, new kitchen floors, white cabinets, ohhhh the list will go on and on. It is exciting. 

Now, about where to stay for the 17 days between closings...


Nana said...

So happy for you that you found your forever home. I can't wait to see what you do with it to make it all yours! Goodbye UA, hello Worthington!

Keith and Julie said...

Yay! My mom said you could stay with her. =)

Desiree said...

So excited for you! As soon as I find time to update my poor neglected blog, I'll be right there with you because we're moving again! :-)

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