Limbo lower now!

Well, we made it halfway. Today is Day 2 in the rental house, and although our world is a little upside down, we made it. We closed on our house on Friday and have been moving our endless amounts of belongings over here since. Matt made the final run this morning. And as of now, a happy little couple is moving into our "old" house.

Surprisingly, Larkyn has taken this easier than anyone. No questions asked, excited about the "Brown House" as she has dubbed it, and didn't even flinch at her mattress being on the floor. I guess if she doesn't mind that for 30 days, we will probably just leave it!

We are missing cable/internet right now. It makes for a pretty quiet, but pretty bored house at times. Thus the blog post by phone, which I've never done. And we decided to put our dining room set on the curb, so we are eating wherever we find a spot on the floor, at a toddler table, or on the couches in the lower level (basement), where Matt and I decided we would just camp out instead of moving our massive furniture into a bedroom.

This is a temporary home, but I'm going to try my best to make it a home, nonetheless!

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