Rhys is 3 months old! (and 2 months too!)

They've always said it would happen. That the second child doesn't get nearly as many photos and recordings of milestones as the first. They were right. I have the photos, they have just been living on my camera. Let's play catch-up, shall we?

With month two, we saw our first smiles and heard our first coos. We had full nights of sleep and a big boy of 11 pounds and 22.5 inches long. I ended my maternity leave at 8 weeks and he stayed with my mom while I was at work. This worked out perfectly, and I wasn't worried for a minute with her in charge of my sweet boy.

At 3 months...

Rhys smiles whenever he sees someone he recognizes after he wakes up. It is the best.  He is 13 lbs, 24 inches.

Sleep: After a doctor visit (to get the dreaded shots!!), the doctor suggested we stop letting him sleep upright overnight. He was sleeping so well in the carseat with the vent fan on in the kitchen! But the rock and play was not helping his head shape. So, he's been swaddled in a Halo Sleepsack swaddler for the last week and doing OK. He takes a morning nap and a long afternoon nap, and then goes to bed at 7:30.

Eating: The Enfamil Gentlease has been such a lifesaver. We've tried regular formula a few times, with disastrous consequences. He drinks a few 6 oz and a few 4 oz bottles a day.

Good news: He loves being outside and watching the leaves blow in the wind. Still enjoys baths, and also likes the jungle playmat (which Larkyn insists on getting under as well and making a tent over the top)

Bad news:  We've been keeping an eye on his noisy breathing. At our last doctor appointment last week, she referred us to Children's for an ENT visit. Lots of babies are born with breathing stridor and it often resolves on its own. She wants to make sure that if something is causing it (choices: paralyzed vocal cord, enlarged heart vein pushing on larynx, malformed larynx--awesome) that it is addressed. That appointment is on the 18th.

As I look at the pictures now, I can see that he lost and regained his hair at the same time Larkyn did. Poor fringey babies. I think it's time for some comparison photos this week!

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