A comparison

People love to speculate if the kids look alike. Some say they look exactly alike, some say they see no resemblance. Most agree that Larkyn looks more like Matt and Rhys looks more like me (and that will probably change throughout the years). But just for fun, here are my babies side by side:

When they were just born:

Snuggling in a blanket at Riverside hospital:

Sleeping at home for the first night:

We love animal hats (few days old)!

At one month:

At 2 months:

At 3 months:

And finally, 4 months:

I like seeing their mannerisms, which are probably just innate in all babies. But it's cute to see their hands in the same place or smiling at the same time. Now that Rhys' hair is lightening up, the difference is not as dramatic. What do you think?

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