Exploring the neighborhood: Worthington Farmers Market

Our new home is in a much more urban part of town, sitting right off one of the most exciting streets in town. High street is filled with independent restaurants, shops, and every Saturday, a farmers market on each end. We live within "walking distance" of the Worthington market, but I wasn't quite ready for that adventure yet. So we drove up a few blocks and got a little closer. These 2 were ready to roll (I think I've mentioned that I always let her pick her shoes)...

 Luckily, Grandma came with us to push Rhys so I could corral Larkyn. 

 He played with his hands and slept the whole time, which was helpful. 

Larkyn was on a mission for a chocolate chip cookie, which was easy to find. These soaps smelled so awesome and were made with local honey.

 And the flowers!

I wanted to get a better picture of The Worthington Inn and all the people brunching there, but I felt like a creep. So they are all cut out at the bottom, but let me tell you, their eggs and potatoes will be mine one day when the kids aren't with me!

 At this point, Larkyn was fading fast, so we were wrapping it up. 

But I really wanted to go in this boutique, Fritzy Jacobs. Next time!

Back at home, we pulled out our treasures. A pecan roll from Bak (which will probably get its own post soon), a sweet cut-out cookie from Batter and Bowl (which may be the perfect place for birthday party cookies!), and a peach pie from Stevens Bakery & Orchard (Matt's favorite is peach).

Want to go with us next time??


Schneider 4.0 said...

Um YES! I DO want to go with you next time!!!!!
I'll take this as an informal invite :)

I do need to see your new digs.....this week? Let's chat soon!

Nana said...

I guess it will be in a couple weeks that I can go with you since we may be in NC the next 2 Saturdays! Looked like a beautiful day for a walk! The pics are wonderful and inviting:)

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