A belated 4th of July

A few weeks late, yep. But this is, after all, my third favorite holiday and I wanted to share pictures from the day.

If you are local, you know that our weather here in Columbus has been fab.u.lous. If you are like me and have no interest or time to lay out at the pool, you will appreciate the breeze and 70s temps. Usually July 4th in Columbus is HOT, humid and just all around gross, even at 9 AM for the parade. But this year, the weather was spot on and we were ready for our day outside!

We moved out of our house 2 weeks before, so we technically didn’t live in UA anymore. But that wasn’t stopping us from going with our old neighbors and seeing the over-the-top parade floats and Larkyn’s fave marching bands that were there. And of course, the old cars and the emergency vehicles that she hates.

Rhys alternated between sleeping in the car seat and being held, while Larkyn alternated between pulling the shade completely over her face because it was too bright or shaking her booty (and cracking everyone up) to the music.

I don’t know anything about the Worthington parade, but it better bring it on next year!

We headed over to Uncle Eric and Aunt Shannon’s for some food, drinks (am I the last one to try Red’s Apple Ale? Yum!) and pool time.

This is when we decided Larkyn should take swim lessons ASAP before she’s 17 and still afraid to get in water (she still screams bloody murder when I wash and rinse her hair in the bath). She was juuuust fine sticking her feet in. And Rhys was content to be passed around and loved on by all the ladies.

We didn’t see any fireworks this year. Next year, maybe we will try having Larkyn stay up for them, but it didn’t happen this year!

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Nana said...

Sweet pictures! Know how much you love the 4th! And someday, just like I did to you, you will have to ask her how many times are you going to shower? LOL! It will happen, I promise you!

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