Park of Roses 2014

--> If you do something twice, you can consider it “annual”, right?  Last year, I discovered that this gem of a park is the perfect place for pictures in mid-summer. This year, we got to make the trip with 2 new babies!

The plan was to take a few pictures of our respective kids with the beautiful backgrounds and then the girls in their matching seahorse shirts. Ha. We (I) did not account for the newly-moody 3 year old in tow. The grass had dew on it, so that was drama number one. It was hot, it was bright, she knew there was a playground around the corner…luckily Julie (seen below) had some words of wisdom.

It was all we could do to get these pictures. No wardrobe change to match Eva. Sorry, Julie. Perfect little Eva slept the whole time. Ah, those days are gone. But I love these pictures and my girl looks so precious in them that I just can’t take it.

After the roses, we went to the promised playground, where our first public tantrum proceeded to unfold because she got to the top of a huge slide and was too scared to slide down. And too stubborn to come down the steps because she wanted to go down the slide. And then just so mad at herself and at me for encouraging/saving/eventually carrying her down kicking and screaming that we just kept walking past the rest of the playground, through the park, and into the car. Shortest playground visit ever. Sorry Julie (again).

It ended on a terrible note, but we will make the trip out again next year (maybe before then because it is now just down the street from us!)

The details:

The park is located on High Street in Clintonville, just south of Henderson road. You don't see the park from the road, but can see the Whetstone Library, which is where you turn.  It seems like you are driving forever down the driveway, past tennis courts and through some woods, but at the bottom of the hill, there it is!

The Rose garden is separate from the playground, and is just up the hill. I always do the roses first and use the playground as a reward for all the photo opps and pretty views the roses have to offer. Make sure to bring your camera, for sure. All of this is free:)

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